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antique copy of Shri Guru Granth Sahib


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waheguru ji ka khalsa,

waheguru ji ki fateh.

my name is inderpal singh and i am from india. i beg to admit before you that i have an antique miniature Guru Granth Sahib. it is the world’s smallest Guru Granth Sahib, it is a

complete miniature scripture, 2.5cm wide and 2.5cm tall and is bound in gold. it was published in germany close to 100 years ago.

i have decided to sell this holy Guru Granth Sahib due to some problems.

if you are interested so please reply me.

thanking you.

inderpal singh,


phone: 94154 59219

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i think i support this person on that forum too and i would do it here also.

and here also say the same thing that we sikhs only know how to criticize and dont no how to help others whether he is one of our sikh brother.

and thats why our "kaum" lack unity just b'coz of few such people.

Nobody supported the person on the other forum...it was posted by someoen called "Khalsapride".

And amazing how "lightofworld" has only contributed one single meesly post thus far.

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$50,000 for the miniature GGS when it in fact can be brought for much less elsewhere, and you expect us not to criticise?

Still we are in buying/selling business only. The problem is - this guy is asking too much money than anyone here care to pay. But if you get one for $10, anyone will happily run after this guy to BUY Guru Sahib ji.

I know this will offend many here.

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Well, we can not dismiss his claims as simple as that. If anyone else also does possess the same copy then eyebrows should be raised. but i donot see anyone making the same claim with proof.

I am sure, there must be some kind of governing authourity, which can authenticate his claims of antiquity of the miniature... there are many techniques which can ascertain how old the article is... If this is indeed the only copy on this planet earth and that too more than 100 yrs old, then it is priceless, i must say. i think inderpal singh should get in touch with geniune collector of old antique pieces rather than banging his head in these forums, where most of us are youngsters with nothing much in our pockets...


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i clicked don the link that paji above gave and Mehtab singh revered to the Guru Granth Sahib as "HOLY BOOK"

firstly the Guru Granth Sahib is not our HOLY BOOK it is the Bani form of the Das Guru...

secondly...YOu want to sell Guru Ji...if that was Guru Gobind Singh Ji maharaj that had been in your family for years you wouldn't sell them on....therefor instead of selling Guru Ji donate them to a gurdwara or a family that has enough repect to look after them...and no i am not criticize anyone i am just stating the fact....

if you do have money problems i am sure there are other ways to make money instead of selling your Guru Ji nowere days people are going to LOW things to make money and selling oyur GURU JI ISN'T THE RIGHT WAY TO GO ABOUT MAKING MONEY!!!!!!

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