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Yogi Singh


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Sat Sri Akal Jee,

Is it me or is the sikhnet people going over-the-top with the Yogi Singh Bhai Sahib Khalsa Jee Singh Harbhajan Yogi passing away?

They have got videos or cremation, pictures of him everywhere, left right and centre. They got a massive picture of him with things around there... and it seems like they worship it or something. They even got memorial videos of him and I have even seen like a memorial/grave type of stone with his name on it!!! It says he was born as zero and died as one! And who told these people that he has achieved mukhti?

I mean, he did seva and all that and promoted sikhi but come on... if we did this for every person here, life would stop!


Dare I say,,,, they are treating him like a Guru! :o

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Just an observation though.. from a neutral point of view as I am part of no jatha or group... is that sometimes the jatha treat there 'leader' with more respect and more importance than the Guru's!

That is crazy, your Guru should be treated higher than the leaders etc. I think they go over the top. They even comprise some of the values that have been taught to them by the Guru's (e.g. putting up pictures as a worship object) and they even talk more about their leader than the GURU!! I mean, at the end of the day, their leader got all knowledge from the Guru so why not just go directly to the source and talk about the Guru!

Everyone is the same, regardless of whether you are the Prime Minister, a Sant, Gyanni or a post man or just a homeless guy.

aval aleh noor oupaaeiaa kudharath kae sabh ba(n)dhae

First, Allah created the Light; then, by His Creative Power, He made all mortal beings. Who is evil and who is good which have come from the same light?

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