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Who are NeelDhari Sikhs???


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I dont know too much about them. They are fairly distinctive wearing Kamarkasa and a scarf/patka style turban - both in a very distinctive blue colour. the website gives some explanantion about that. There are a few families in west london that I have seen, but the largets number (that I have come across) have been in South East Asia - Thailand, Malaysia and Singpoare. IN SG they are known as blue Belters and they are mainly tailors.

Their main baba (Harnam Singh) deid about 20 odd years ago and his body was not cremated but remains in some preserved state in the basement of a gurdwara in India. Aftre his death the sect split into three branches. With one of the branches waiting for the resurrection of Harnam Singh (presumebly that is why they havent cremated the body).

In terms of beliefs etc I understand that they are very similar to the Namdharis Sikhs in that regard but have some special revenrece for Hemkunt and teh Guru Gobind Singh association.


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source: Thanks to fatehsingh pm..

Who are NeelDhari Sikhs???

Whats their beleifs?

They believe in 12 Satgurus but not from Sri Satguru Hari Singh Ji onwards. They wear blue as a sign of their 'cursed'/'sinful' life (i.e. Nihangs wear blue as they were given 'var'/'shraap' when Guru Gobind Singh burnt blue clothes at Machiwara. Hence Nihangs are Bihangams and live a life that's almost priest-like - no material possessions/family etc.). According to my Neeldhari associate who is a very strict follower, they consider themselves 'imperfect', 'impure' due to their misfortune of not being in the physical pressence of Satguru Ram Singh and so they wear the 'neel'.

Sant Harnam Singh's body is still preserved because he longed to have Darshan of Satguru Ram Singh Ji in the same body again. He was actually a saint of very high order but was over taken by ego as many bhagats did throughout history.

When they were created? Who founded them?

In 1900's, by Sant Harnam Singh Kille Wale.

I heard they are offshoot from Namdhari Sect??

Not really. Sant Harnam Singh asked for permission from Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji to start his own 'langar' and founded the religion.

Do they beleive in Deh-Dhari Guru?

The original Neeldharis did. But today it has deteriorated and absorbed into mainstreamism as can be seen at neeldhari.com which does not even recognize 12 Patshahis. But there are still good old Neeldharis left, such as my associate and his family.

Whats Neeldhari contributions to the panth?

Nothing of significance notice, in terms of martyrs. Their leader was a saint who believed in Satguru Ram Singh Ji, so no doubt they probably provided free langar etc. to the poor.

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Veer N30 ji,

bro, that's a sect never created by namdharis as their beliefs contradict namdhari's. For eg. they believe in sant/baba ram singh ji but he himself never wore a blue kamarkassa but these guys do........... :?:

trust me and u know me bro, they have nothing to do with namdhari panth.


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Sant MAHARAJ HARNAM SINGH JEE, more lovingly and popularly known as Sant Maharaj Kile Wale Ji, can best be described as the embodiment of peace and love. Sant Kile Wale Ji, a PURAN Sant, credited the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji for all his blessings.

Sant Kile Wale Ji's greatness lay in the fact that he directed everyone to the Living Eternal Guru (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji) and not to himslef. He insisted that he was just a SIKH of the Almighty Lord, anyone who wanted to achieve his level of spirituality should follow the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

The neeldhari panth was established by Sant HARNAM SINGH JEE in the year 1966. A neeldhari wears a blue KamarKassa around his waist and blue turban and bow to Shri Guru Granth Sahib first and then to their Sat Gurus/Sants.However there can be some exceptions. He is a pure Vegetarian and follows all the Sat Gurus .

Neeldhari (or the wearer of blue) is a term used to describe the Sikhs that wear the traditional Sikh free flowing turban chakuta and kamarkassa. [/font:7cd8686e1e] [/font:7cd8686e1e] [/font:7cd8686e1e]

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