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Gur Ki Moraat interpertation in english.

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Gur Kee Murat Mun Meh Dhiaan.

Gur Kae Shabad Mantar Mun Maan.

For me Gur Ke Murat can be actual saroop of Guru Nanak Dev Nirankar. Because I think for begineers, meditation can be very hard for one (not impossible) to concentrate on Guru in shabad form.

However, I do understand importance of 'Shabad Surat Marg' which should be ultimate goal for one. But for first intial stages I do feel neccesary to concentrate on Sargun Saroop of Vahiguroo (Guru Nanak dev Nirankar).

As 2nd tuk tells us to Gur Kaie Shabad Mun Maan (Follow Shabd of Guru)

Can anyone please post their interpertation of this gurbani tuk in breif manner...Thats what i think anyway.

I just want to see what other thinks of this gurbani tuk.

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