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Feedback for Sikhi Camp


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Ok, I was reading the post about the sikhi camps and it has gone way off the topic and alot of people chatting crap so i thought i'd start a new topic...this time a bit serious and to the point.

THe original post in that topic was:

there are various sikh camps now run all over the world. they provide a variety of different functions... introducing 'newbies' to sikhi, providing access to information & different views from speakers, networking etc.

i wanted to start a thread to get feedback from everyone who's been to a sikh camp (especially camps aimed at 16yrs+) & see what everyone thinks of them.

1. which camp(s) have u been to?

I went to a BOSS one this summer

what was good about the camp?

They had nice different food, different activities on various days. We got to leant about sikhi and talks were in English, as probably they are all over the country. It seemed pretty well organised and the organisers had a plan for each day. There were lots of freebies to take away, which is always good!

I really enjoyed the discussions as well!! It was good to talk to other people.

2. what was bad about the camp?

Ok, the sleeping arangements werent all that... they were army bunkers. But I guess to accomadate a large number of people, it does the job.

The arrogance and narrow-mindness of certain 'campers' there. I dont know what they come for, but it seems they come to preach. They impression that i got from this camp was they had two points of view... Your opinion and then the right opinion! Sad to say, i found it came mainly from the Dastar sikhs. They gave the impression they knew everything and when you go into a discussion with them, they would not see your point of view. They would simply tell you what they thought and thats it. They could not see the 'world issues' and could not see outside immediate sikhi. Again, I dont know why these people come to these camps, maybe they are bored or something but if they are not willing to talk and INTERACT with people, then you may as well stay at home and talk to the wall.

Also, some of the sevadars were a bit arragont too. Take the following example, I was standing outside talking to someone of the opposite sex, one of the Sevadars looked at us and I caught him looking at us.... and then he came over and said.. 'Look, its getting late, everyone needs to be in their bunkers' I looked at him and thought, what a prat. I think he was jealous or something or wanted to show his authority infront of this person... i dunno. But what is his problem if I am standing outside chatting to someone, after all... isnt that one of the points of sikhi camp? To meet other people?

Also, I saw one Singh getting told that he shouldnt wear a red Paag! What the..!!! Its upto him what colour he wants to wear. I think people like this were going round just showing off or something.

One last thing, there were a good variety of topics, however, they seemed to focus a bit too much on certain topics (e.g. 1984) There were also alot of Khalistani's and some were the organisers promoting it.. which has nothing to do with people learinng what sikhi is.

Can't really think of anything else but i'l post it up if i think of anything.

3. What improvements/suggestions can u give for future camps?

I think the discussions should be longer. They only lasted about just over an hour... and it took about half an hour to get started!! Desi people, what do u expect! LOL!

Maybe there could be more open-minded discussions there. I know you u cant control the people who go there but thats life.

The price of the camp was fairly expensive too.. maybe you can get funding from gurdwara's etc?

I'm not quite sure what the best way to limit arrogance is,,... its a shame that these creep into sikhi camps.

Also, maybe there can be more interaction in the talks? This may keep people listening and interested. I also find you learn alot more when talking with people.

Again, if i think of anything else, I will post it up

4. which types of speakers were particularly good / particularly bad?

anything else u can think of?

There were some good speakers there... i cant remember there names but one of them talked about Guru Nanak Dev Jee and it was a very deep and thoughtful discussion which I thought was very good. I think you should have more of these types of discussions there, especially at the camps aimed for 16+.

Another good talk was on the ardaas and the stories behind each bit of the ardaas... this maybe a fictional talk.

Speakers that were particularly bad was this guy who was a lawer or barrisster or something, and he was basically slating off the prime minister of india, Manmohan Singh. He had a go at his children and his life which I thought was a bit low coming from a sikh and especially low, as it was directed at another sikh! He was saying stupid things like, the prime ministers daughters are married to hindu's... so what if they are? Whats that got to do with Manmohan Singh getting India out of poverty? This talk was on again, 1984, and the talker seemed to have alot of hatred for the Prime Minister. When i approached him after the talk in order to explain to him that this is not a nice thing to do and to at least give the Prime Minister a chance as he had only been in power fora couple of months....he simply brushed me off by saying something like... 'we'll see then'

Anyway, this was my experience of the camp and after telling my mates, they also confessed to me that this was their views of the camp as well so its not just me.

Thanks for your time.

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Gabbar youve raised alot of points there, and im glad you posted this.

Its quite worrying when people on a spiritual path use their social power to feed their ego i.e. in the case of sikh society talkers,camp talkers,etc it seems most of them arent there to inspire people, but instead, it is their deisre to control people.

Im not being biased; or indeed humorous, but the chigwell camp was by far the best camp ive been to in my life. I was always apprehensive about going to camp; i felt i would feel out of place,etc. But the truth is, is that the camp was full of wonderful people..really kind, open minded, gurmukh people who were there with the right intentions.

And the beauty of it, was that they were willing to discuss; and give their opinions as well as hear them (and if applicable, take them on board.)

God bless chigwell! and all the sewadars/gursikhs who made it what it was. I didnt fully absorb the camp experience (i wasnt there for the whole week) however, it was extremely inspirational for me, to see so many beautiful souls in one building. And the few days i was there, it was definitely something i would do again!

Gabbar come next year, im sure youll love it!!

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Yes - I have photographic evidence of your excitement :LOL:

Please show us beast... Please show us beast... this bandar(sodhi) wet my trousers and kachera while was getting ready with his water gun... : :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: .

Whenever i picture... i laugh man... he is really funny.... init southall rude boii ?? :wink: :LOL::LOL::LOL:

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