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Flowers in Gurdwara


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taken from sikhpal...

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Just sharing...

It happened in Coatepec, a small city very close to Xalapa, capital city of Veracruz state, Mexico. There, my family and I get together with Ram Rattan Singh, Hari Nam Kaur and their two children the first sunday of every month for Gurdwara and Langar. One more family join us for the celebration, so we barely fill the Gurdwara Diwan. However, occasionally, one or two curious people assist due to an invitation or just because he/she was passing by.

Ram Rattan Singh and his wife, Hari Nam Kaur, share the responsibility of taking care of the Guru Granth Sahib, and they also organize most things for Gurdwara. Ravi Singh and Jaigopal Kaur, their two children (both students, 18 and 16) are very helpful in this matter.

During this year many important things happened for our small community; there is no doubt that the most important was to jump from singing Shabads with CDs during Gurdwara to play it live with a harmonium and a tabla. Our Gurdwaras are now more inspiring. But this year also happened something very curious, which I want to share with you.

On Sunday, August the 1st, my family and I arrived to Coatepec for our Gurdwara, but this time Gurdwara Diwan was not ready yet. Hari Nam Kaur and his daughter Jaigopal Kaur weren’t there because they were on a trip.

Ravi Singh, the oldest son of the family, wasn’t there also because he was on the library doing an important homework. So Ram Rattan Singh was alone trying to set everything for the Gurdwara.

Me and my family help him and within minutes everything was ready, however, we were missing something. We had no flowers. We like to put flowers to adorn Gurdwara Diwan, but that time, we had to start without flowers.

Ten or fifteen minutes after Kirtan started, Ravi Singh walked into the room with a big branch of flowers and put it on the floor beside the Palki, then he got out. Couple of seconds later he got in again with another branch of flowers and put it on the other side. He got out again, and then, returned with other one. Every time he got out, he came back with a different and beautiful branch of flowers. Gurdwara Diwan was full of flowers now.

We like to put flowers, but that was the first time our Gurdwara was full of it, we were very surprised. But that wasn’t our last surprise… Right after we finished Kirtan Ravi Singh asked permission to speak to our little Sangat.

He told us that, that morning, while he was walking back home, a lady approached to him to ask him, in a very respectful way, who he was and what he was. Ravi Singh is used to that kind of questions, so he explained her who are the Sikhs and what we do. The lady, wanted to ask more questions about the turban, the beard and who was the prophet that started Sikhism.

After listen the explanations Ravi Singh gave, the lady told him that she wasn’t living in that city, she was on a business trip and she was about living. But then she saw him, so she wanted to tell him something quickly.

She told him that some time ago she had this strange dream. A man, with a turban and a long white beard, was speaking to her, he was telling that she should not allow his son to go to work. The woman woke up and realized that it was very early in the morning and it was still dark, so she tried to sleep again but she couldn’t. So she went to her son’s bedroom and woke him up, she asked him not go to work that day, he wanted to know why and she told about the strange dream. He said ‘mom, it’s just a dream, go back to sleep’, but she was very insistent and finally convinced his son. Then she got back to bed and sleep again.

She woke up some hours later, but she forgot about the dream. She went to work like everyday and came back home at night. While she was entering her house, the phone rang. She ran to answer the call and the voice on the other side, worried, told her that a terrible accident happened that afternoon very near of the work place of her son, a gas pipe made explosion and there were no survivors in that place, her son was dead.

The lady started to cry, and when she was about to go down, she remembered the dream and that her son promised not to go to work that day. So she ran to her son’s room.

There he was, watching TV. He didn’t forgot her mother’s dream and decided not show himself at work, he didn’t know what to say at work, so he didn’t even call his boss.

Somehow, that man with turban and long white beard got into her dream to advice her. Thanks to that man her son wasn’t dead.

The lady thought that man was some kind of Catholic saint, but when she saw Ravi Singh walking on the street, and heard his explanations, she realized that the person on her dream was definitely a Sikh.

Ravi Singh didn’t hesitate on invite her for Gurdwara, but she excused herself telling that she was already late and she couldn’t stay. However she wanted to buy many flower so Ravi Singh could take them to Gurdwara.

So they both got into the lady’s car and went to the flower shop, there she bought all those flowers. She took Ravi Singh and the flowers to the Gurdwara and then she quickly left.

We never heard anything about her since that day.

That day was specially inspiring for me and for all our little Sangat. We started without flowers and a strange lady fill our Gurdwara with many of them.

I’m sorry about my bad english.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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