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Charitar Ninety-Six (Treh Charitar)


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Found this in my email. Thanks to veer ji(sh wont tell his name) who sent it to me long time ago.

Chritar Ninety-six

Tale of Gohraan Raae


In the city of Marg Johda, a woman of Pathan decent used to live.

Bairam Khan was her husband who always revelled in good causes.(l)

The name of the Pathani, the Pathan’s woman, was Gohraan Raae,

And she was, as if, the creation of Brahma, the God, Himself.(2)

The enemy raided with great force and power,

To capture the country and took her away.(3)


The emissary came to Bairam and demonstrated his anger.

‘You, the unlucky one, are sitting idle and the enemy is here with his guns.’(4)

Bairam was scared and decided to run away, Then the Pathani came forward and said to him,(5)


‘Your father was renowned all over the world, ‘But you are so coward that you are running away from fight.’(6)


‘Give me your turban and take my shalwar, the trousers. ‘When I wear your clothes, I will cut the enemy off.’(7) After declaring as such, she put her husband in the dungeon.

She armed herself, disguised as a man and wearing armour she beat the war-drums.(8)


With the army, she raised, she displayed her power and declared, ‘Bairam Khan has deputed me to fight for him.’(9)

And (she disguised as) Bairam Khan sent a massager, ‘First win me before you proceed further.’(lO)

Hearing this, all the soldiers flew into the rage, And they encircled with arrows in their bows.(1l)

Bhujang Chhand

The spears in the hands, they came and rounded the enemy.

In fury they showered arrows on the lady, and the killing spread in every

direction.(1 3)


Waving the flags, they followed the drum beats.

Holding shields they shouted, ‘Kill them, kill them.’

Raids after raids, produced fire sparks,

Like the ones produced at the battering (of hot iron) at the iron-smith.(14)

Bhujang Chhand

Guiyes, Muhamadees, Dyojis and Afreedis came forward with extreme fury.

Brave Lodhis were awfully enraged and fell upon, brandishing their swords.(l 5)

The great Arabian soldiers, who had commendation in all the three domains, came forward.

They wielded their spears like the lightning in the clouds.(18)


When the lady faced them, she used different types of weapons. She would cut their faces, arms and legs, And send them straight to the domain of death.(20)

Numerous braves lost their lives and were made to relinquish their chariots, horses and elephants.

A great number lost their lives and the egoist (alive) ones commenced dancing.(2 1)


With extreme acrimony in their minds and after killing many fearless ones, They (enemy) reached there, where the woman was standing.(24)


The enraged gallant ones came ahead but were cut instantly.


She raided through her army and rounded the enemy forces.

(192) (193)

They relinquished their souls and were taken away by the fairies in the palanquins (of death).(25)


When the enemies were cut and taken away, the woman girded up her lions.

With single stroke she annihilated many enemies.

Some had tried to fight, some died of dread and those who were saved were as good as dead.

And thousands threw their bows and accepted defeat.(30)


When such a situation arose, Arth Rai (the enemy) said aloud, ‘Don’t let them go, surround them and give tough fight.’(33) Listening to his spirited talk, his egoist ones got ready. They shot the arrows from their bows and hit through the lady.(34)


When her body was struck with arrows, she became wrathful.

The frightful fighting, which she ensued,! am, now, going to relate that,(35)

The arrows, which had pierced through, she plucked them out, and threw

the same back on the enemy.

Whom so ever those arrows hit, they were taken away by the fairies of

death and none was spared the life.(37)

Arth Rai, then, came forward and embarked on a fight with her.

The woman shot four arrow and killed four of his horses.(38)

Then she cut off the chariots and killed the chariot-driver.

She made him (Arth Rai) unconscious and beat the victory drum.(39)

She tied him and brought him home and distributed lot of wealth.

The victory drum were continuously beaten at l~er door steps and the

people felt exhilarations.(40)


She brought her husband out of the dungeon and revealed to him.

She handed over the turban and the horse and bade him goodbye.(81)(l)

Ninety-sixth Parable ofAuspicious Chritars

Conversation of the Raja and the Minister,

Completed with Benediction. (96)(1 724)

To be continued.

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i like the ending. after saving his fathers honour and and the honour of the family name she leaves :) haha poor fella had his wife fight his fight and then had her leave him..

Hidden moral of this story when men are no longer men and become whimps, women take on thier role, and when a woman loses her femininity she no longer needs the man..

He may have won the battle and remained safe in a dungeon but he lost all his honour, including his woman.

hidden meaning number 2..

Women did not wear dastars.. ;) she only wore it to pretend she was a man.

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lol... DB ur gonna get ur ass kicked by someone for ur last comment.... hahha...

okay... so my interpretation... (and sf, i can't believe u couldn't see this. tsk tsk tsk...)

most of this story revolves around the fighting that Gohraan Raae was involved in. it tells us that when Bairam Khan was weak and feared for his own life, his wife had to take over. and she apparently did a great job at it.

i think the story's meant to tell us that women are stronger than u think.

first of all, unlike most women who take their husband's name, Gohraan has a different last name than her husband. i'm not sure if Raae is her husband's family name or not, but it doesn't seem like it.

secondly, the fighting vividly describes how she's capable of fighting against all odds and ending up alive and on her feet. she's almost described with some sort of superhuman capacity (ie. when she got shot down with arrows, she pulls them out and throws em back at her enemies, who instead get struck by them and fall... how very bollywood. i wonder if Guru Sahib was aware of the emergence of bollywood scenes like that today?....)

another thing u need to be aware of in the story is that if Gohraan Raae hadn't fought for her husband, she probably wouldn't have left him. so basically when u make ur wife do ur work for u as well as the work that she has to do for herself, she's prolly not gonna be too happy about it and she'll leave. common sense, fellas.

what else?

oh yeah... the enemies thought that they could snag Gohraan in the midst of a battle and underestimated her strength cuz she's a woman. well, there's another warning to u to BEWARE the strength of a woman. we are stronger than we look.

and tha's about it.

neone else have any ideas? or different ideas?

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  • 1 month later...

:twisted: Myth.. what is it all about.. ? True or false. Why isnt it spelt mith?

All the above questions shall be answered in this my attempt to answer all questions that everyone has in life..

well actually no.. i just gonna write some crap about myth and how a myth can be interpritated.. for the sake of khalsa fauj who i think is Kalki avtar

There is a book called asian mythologies been compiled by Yves Bonnefoy, its definatly worth reading if your intrested in asain mythology and stuff..

A myth is not just a simple story as they try to portray a combination of images and ideas which are based around the context of social laws, history, rituals, and philosophy. They are ambigious in nature as they stem from oral traditions, because of this reason when taking looking at a myth one must remain aware that there is a hidden meaning, which needs to be extracted but without reducing it.

Why would you hold value to something which comes from oral tradition as we all know from playing chinese whisper the content of the myth could have changed dramatically.

Do any of you remember the colours of the rainbow ?

Richard of york gave battle in vain?

or the mathematical thingy..


these are simplified examples of mythological methods being used to increase memory. Who the hell is richard and where in york did he come from which battle are we on about ?? These things dont matter because you have to extract from that line the hidden meanings (that each letter is the beginning letter of the colours of the rainbow)

A myth has several levels of interpritation, and they depend on the individual they exist simultaneously and they are the narrative level - the story as it is.. richard a dude from york had a war and lost..

the divine level - this is the level scholars use looking at the context and metaphors.. the human level - this is the one on one aspect, no one but you know what you get from the myth... and then their is the cosmic level where the myth relates symbolic truths, metaphysical theories and universal laws.

Such as the whole mahabharat is a symbolic representation of the war between ego and the self, and it provides an understanding of dharma..

Narrative level - 5 brothers marry one chick, then chick insults cousins of brother then they get sent away then they want their kingdom back then war breaks out then its over.

Divine level - a persons role in society is their dharma, how to live honourable etc etc

Human level - thats between u and the mahabharat. some may feel they can relate to arjun others fall in love with krishan maharaj, some may understand the dilema of gangaputar etc etc

Cosmic level - already mentioned..

So to say that the charitar are just myth.. khalsa fauj ur damn right.. spot on.. that is why i think u are

The compassionate budha.. reincarnated..

hari om

hari om

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exactly narsingha saviour of pralad and incarnation with a hairy face :)

interpritating the myth as truth in infinite forms yet one form .. is an interpritation of metaphysical preportions, truth is the underlying universal law.. infact the only law..so ur statement would fall into the cosmic level..

Thank you for providing the example i forgot.. not only did u save pralad but now u saved my a$$ too.. jai narsinghadev.. jai ho ..

hari om

hari om.. :)

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Since Neo asked the question, this is his personal chirtar.... Dude if you ever get into a fight, dont let ur women fight for u, otherwise she'll take ur Phag (acutally take it, dye it blue, wash it, wash it again, and again... screw that, buy a new blue phag) and pretend to be you.. ok maybe not that either...

erm... dude, just dont let ur misses fight ur battle..

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Since Neo asked the question, this is his personal chirtar.... Dude if you ever get into a fight, dont let ur women fight for u, otherwise she'll take ur Phag (acutally take it, dye it blue, wash it, wash it again, and again... screw that, buy a new blue phag) and pretend to be you.. ok maybe not that either...

erm... dude, just dont let ur misses fight ur battle..

mug you nutta in a suitcase :LOL::LOL::LOL:

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