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Translation of katha of gurmukh piyaraay


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Sangat ji, found this translation of a katha.

God is one- the Ominipresent, the Omnipotent, the Omniscient, and is best represented by His NAME, theSHABAD or WORD or LOGOS or NAAM. The entire universe is existing and sustained under His supreme law. This supreme law is called HUKAM.

The more we meditate upon his NAME and contemplate on His virtues, the more we enjoy His Presence and Bliss.

The meditation on SHABAD alone will lead us to the inference that there is, in this creation, onl ONE GURU and Dispeller of the Darkness of Ignorance, and Harbinger of the Light of Knowledge.

Thus, SHABAD is the Supreme GURU of all and the Revealer of the Reality.

Such a GURU has only:

1. One Sermon to preach to all humanity

2. One knowledge to disseminate

3. One light to show the way out.

'Tis all one, all One,; the same, the same, the sam, the same EVER...

Gurbani embodied in Guru Granth Sahib is the sermone of ONE, the Supreme God of all. Guru Gobind Singh bequeathed this Gurbani as the ever-living Guru of all. Whatever is from the Divine, is, therefore, univeral, and not sectional or sectretarian at all.

The Gurbani that descended down to man and mankind through the Body called Guru Nanak, was this very SHABAD-Eternal, whose visible forms may vary, but Essence remains the same....

Naam, or Word, or Logos has no caste....

It is for all, being above all, above caste, coummunity clime and country; it is as much for the masses as for the classes.

And those, who followed the teachings of Guru Nanak, came to be called "sikhs"

A sikh is one, who is a student of the spiritual science ( a devoted disciple of the Guru), one who willingly and voluntarily comes forward as a seeker of the Supremem, and to that end is ready to receive spiritual instructions.

Thus, the word Sikhs stands for those, who came to Guru Nanak seeking to know his SHABAD.

Guru Nanak bani or Guru Nanak's Word or Gurbani is meant to enlighten and illuminate the entire mankind.

To say that Guru Nanak is, or was a Sikh Guru, and Gurbani is for the Sikhs only - spoken or sung or written by a Sikh Guru - is to disown Guru Nanak and belittle bani. It is as bad and as wrong as branding the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the air and the water we live by!

Only because Guru Nanak-bani or Gurbani has been propounded in what we like to call Punjabi, it does not follow or mean that it has to remain confined to the punjab or must be kept confined to the Punjabis or to Punjabi speakers only.

Let this be made very clear that the WORD or SHABAD is the only Guru - because it alone is capable of removing the darkness of ignorance, being itself Prakash Sarup


Shabad is Prakash-Sarup; and Prakash is Shabad-Sarup

Therefore, our Psyche or Surat is to be attuned to, and to be made to live at, "at-one-meant" with these both - forming a -

"Shabad Guru, surat dhun chela"

Surat-shabad prakash.

The Nirankar expresses HIMSELF through His "shabad" in order to enlighten the whole humanity, and in the process becomes mankind's Guru, the only Guru, the Sat Guru:

Aad-ant ekay avtara, soi guru samjhio hamara.

He who be Sans Alpha, San Omega, and ONe and the same EVER,

Know ye Him, and Him alone, to be our GURU - The Dispeller of the darkness of our ignorance.

It is unwise of us to tend to limit the UNLIMITED! there we err.

So the urgent need is to be 'introverts', seeking the Supremem "within" the centre of us, the core of us, the remotest recesses of our heart. 'Right-About-Turn' and inward march - deeper, deeper, deeper, down to on ABSOLUTE.

What we call 'religion' is in a sense, two progned or two faced or two aspected.

One aspect of it is the 'outer' aspect and that we term as karm kand.

But it is to be remembered that this karam kand was never meant to be an end in itself.

It is only a 'means' to an end.

the other aspect is to enter within and that is the END.

For, only when we merge with the Ultimate, do we begin to live for ever.

If the karam kand does not justify itself, with that end as "END", it is useless for us, for, it's only objective is to impel us , to compel us and to propel us 'inward' - to drive us deep within, and deeper and deeper and deeper, till we arrive at the ultimate Depth, and are able to say to ourselves:

NIJ GHAR (My own home)

Just to teach us this, Guru Nanak toiled taking ten different Bodies and full two centuries and a half to drive the lesson home - this lesson of Returning Home; and thus putting us in direct contact with the Shabad, the Ultimate.

How much did people heed then, and how much do we heed now?

Does, or does not our 'honest answer' put us to shame- burning shame?

And that is the trouble; that is the tragedy

- with our entire being,

- with the entire fabric of our Society today,

- with our leaders in the political field, and

- with our leaders in the religious field and more with them than with any other.

Before the Bar of Divine Justice, our religious leaders will be judged and found wanting and worthless clay; will be called to account and, you can well imagine what will be the judgement.

The Jyoti or the Prakash that impelled and propelled the Shabad-Sarup Body, named Nanak and the Bodies that followed, now dwell in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Thus, this is the eleventh Body that NANAK Abides in and resides in; this Holy Guru Granth Sahib that we see here is the emobdiment of the JYOTI - the Prakash - the Sefl-Effulgent Light Eternal, as also the Shabad- Brahm - thus of both Shabad and Prakash: hence, venerable and worthy of worship.

Since it is that, it goes without saying that Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the sup-up of Shabad-Prakash, summed up in this Body, will ever live, survive and surmount all winds and whirlwinds and all the onsloughts of the diabolical forces of darkness.

This LIGHT will out-light all darkness, and out-shine all lesser lights.

We have to meditate on this SHABAD, ponder over it, and imbibe it - by turning inward....becoming INTROVERTS (antar-mukhi).

For then and then alone will the secrets of the Gurbani be revealed to us.

This Shabad-Guru is ever with us.

Shabad alone as GURU can best perform this function.

And we are NOT goig to be blessed with all these Blessings till we turn WITHIN- INWARD.

We people do not need or deserve all this talk, for we are not an entirely ignorant lot. We already know much. And we know enough. Not that we do no know, we do know. Only we have deliberately and consistently chosent to ignore this lesson.

we don't care, and,

We don't want to be bothered!

We have become what we were when Guru Nanak's advent took place half- a-millenium ago. We are today what we were before His advant. All what we now have for Guru nanak or Guru nanak bani, the Shabad Guru and the Gurbani is a 'deaf ear' or 'indifference'!

To understand and imbibe the DIVINE WORD, we have to make a 'RIGHT-ABOUT TURN', turn inward within aided by advice from Enlightened Souls. Their sangat (company) will lead us on - deep down to the remotest recesses of teh ETERNAL and the ONLY REALITY.

The SHABAD or REALITY is 'Only One' - not two; no dulaity is involved.

THe Truth or Reality is One. The learned ones expound and propound it in various and varied ways - the Muslims one way, the Christians another way.

But the actual-factual Reality remains the same, the same EVER; the Eternal and Infinite.. It is the ONLY REALITY.


God alone is there, nothing else exists - except in name and form.

The ultimate reality Namless and Formless.

We have to search for it, find it, locate, reach it and realise it in our 'insides' - within our 'within' - in the 'within' of our within - by churning that 'within' of ours.

We have to search and find the LIGHT or PRAKASH that the SHABAD is.

BUt the tragedy with us all is that we, like the winter-rats, have gone deep down into our dark holes, obstinately refusing to receive LIGHT that is being beamed at us by Baba Nanak. We singh Nanak's praises, but do not practice his advice.

What widwom!!

We have become the silk-worm - warm in its cocoon - quite oblivious of the Prakash witin and the Prakash without.

And all this only because of our 'illusionary EGo'

We have carefully and confidently confined ourselves to a closed cage- caught in an EGO complex of our own making.

Again, what wisdom!!

Heeding to the Shabad-GURU or GURU-Shabad or Guru-bani is the ONLY WAY OUT, to get out and to remain out of this world of negative thoughts and materialism. I repeat, the Gurbani way or the "nanak way' is the ONLY WAY.

This is the only way that will take us out. AND keep us out.

Out of the maze of, this muck, this mud, this quagmire.

This Art or this Science, we will learn only in the University of Sadh-Sangat, with the Gurbani as our Guide and Text.

Sadh ke Sung Nahin Kuchh Ghal,

Darshan Bhetat Hote nihal.

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