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another question on Kaur


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okay, i know most of u are sick of questions about Kaur and Singh and blah blah blah. but there's something else i wanted to ask. and please forgive me if someone else has already asked this or it's been discussed before.

i have a female friend and her last name is Singh. she's not amritdhari. when i asked her why her last name is Singh, she replied, "because tha's what my dad's last name is." i also found out that her mother's last name is Singh (for the same reason).

i wanna know what u guys think about women having the last name Singh because tha's what their father/husband's last name happens to be.

can we pass on the last name Singh in the same patrilineal fashion as we do other last names?

what if a guy wanted to make his last name Kaur or something along those lines? is there anything wrong with it?

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