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Stories of last breath of one's life and Jamdoots


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Got it from tapoban.

Waheguruji ka Khalsa Waheguruji ki Fateh

Guru Peeareo,

I would like to share a couple of incidents that really jolted my concience and vindicated the lessons of Gurbani. With folded hands I am doing this at the sangat's request that others may benifit from it. I am being as accurate as possible and SGGSjee is my witness to the veracity of my statements. May he forgive me for any errors.

In about 1991. was working in the intensive care unit and caring for a middle-aged gay man dying of AIDS. I worked only the night shift. Per the patient's admission had lived a wild crazy life. He was gentle and kindhearted. He was now a mere skeleton, dependant on a ventilator and dying. We all worked so hard to make his ICU stay as comfortable as possible.

I, among a few others nurses, had taken care of him for about a month in the ICU and gained his trust. One day as he was having a really hard time he asked me to pray with him. He had never asked this of me before. I recited Japji Sahib paath. He could only write on a tablet. He told me that whatever I was reciting gave him amazing peace inside and he was then able to sleep. I did it intermitently from then on depending on my duties and how quiet the ICU was. The effect was always the same. Till his death he was always lucid and never confused.

One day I came to work to receive report from the previous shift RN on how the day went for this patient. She told me something frightening happened to him that day. She told me she was sitting at the tlelmetry monitoring bank when his heart rate alarm went off. Where his heart rate was close to normal before at about 90's to 100 beats per minute it was now 150 and above beats per minute. His ventilator alarms were going off continously as he was breathing extremely rapidly. She rushed to his bedside to find him wild-eyed and terrified, thrashing in bed. She tried to talk to him but he would not settle. She yelled for help and sedative medication. It took a combination of large doses of 3 drugs to calm him down and even then he was uneasy and twitching while sedated. Once he had a chance to rest she asked him what happened. He wrote:" They are around my bed...... hovering....wait for me to die." She asked;"What do you see?". He replied:" They are all black, scary, with red eyes, claws..... waiting to pounce on me when I die. They are coming to take me. I am so scared." It took him so long to write all this and he was exhausted. Being a logical person the nurse then tried to rationalize all of this but I understood exactly from the getgo what was going on. In his sleep he was restless from now on no matter what we the nurses did to make him comfortable. I went to his room and he was laying there twitching in his sleep. Later, at about 2 am when things had settled in the ICU, I sat with him.

I asked him what happened that day but it only caused him distress to recall it. I did not have my Gutka that night. I asked him would he like me to recite Sikh scripture to him like I had done several times before. He nodded yes, his eyes pleading and frightened. I stared reciting in a singing voice Kabiyo Bach Benti Chaupai slowly. I watched him and, for the first time, his whole body relaxed. He wrote;"Don't know what you are singing....gives me a feeling of protection......thank you so much." He was able to sleep more quietly that night.

The next evening, I came to work as usual. As I walked in through the double doors all the nurses' eyes went straight to me. Judging from their very sad expressions I knew he was now dying. One nurse said: "It is strange, he seems to be hanging on as long as possible. He is only waiting for you. I was not halfway down the hall and his heart alarm went off. His heart rate took a sharp nosedive downwards. By the time I reached his room his EKG was went flatline. At that moment he died. I sensed some presences in the room and sternly told them to leave immediately and that they could not have him yet. I felt them leave and it was just me and him. I recited keertan sohila and humbly recited ardas. I will leave this private. I gave him a final bath and brought him to the morgue. My coworkers were all unnerved by the events surrounding the death of this patient. They were convinced dass had a unique spiritual role to play in the last day and subsequent death of this patient. I for one had my eyes opened by Gurujee that day and thanked Him for having showed me live this incident so often spoken about in Gurbani. I am a sacrifice to my Guru who is All-Truth.

I will write the second entry in a separate post.

And Second one :

Waheguruji ka Khalsa Waheguruji ki Fateh

Guru peearey,

With folded hands I will now narrate a second incident. I ask Gurujee for forgiveness for any mistakes I may have done.

This happened in the late 80's. One day, my apt. manager who lived next to us frantically knocked on our door. She was frightened and did not know who to turn to about this. She thought, that we, being somewhat religious people might be able to help her.

She had never experienced anything like this in her life. One day, while she was working around the house, she heard the sounds of dishes rattling in her cupboards like someone was rearranging them. She initially attributed this incident to earthquake tremors as where we lived is rather siesmically active.

It kept happening with increasing frequency. Four of her ralatives came to visit and now they also heard it and all were shaken.

She came to us. We told her that likely a presence was behind these goingson. We lent her a sarabloh 3 foot Sri Sahib and told her to do this. When it happens again to wave it in the air and verbally repeat 'Waheguru'.

The next day it happened again and she did just that. The minute she did it the rustling of the dishes stopped immediately. It came back once or twice again but fled as soon as she repeated the same routine. Finally it stopped coming. She relaxed and returned the Sri Sahib to us being very much relieved and grateful.

The next day, it came again but this time showed himself to her and sopke to her. He said;"It is me Brent. Don't you recognize me. I won't harm you. Why did you chase me away? I just miss you and want to be with you." The apparition indeed looked like Brent. Brent was a sweet homosexual male, who acted as a homemaker in a commited partnership with another man. He loved nothing more then puttering around the house. He loved to cook and often brought her dishes and helped her with household related projects. At some point in his life he contracted AIDS and then died at home, in his apartment shortly before all this activity started.

She came to us the next day and told us she was no longer afraid because she now knew who he was. He has since continued visiting her seemingly busy rearranging small objects but never scaring her or harming her in any way.

I learned so much from this. Among other things this second incident only strengthened my conviction of the lessons within Gurbani and the power of Gurmantar and sarabloh shastars.

dass of the Khalsa Panth.

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