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Crematory operator pleads guilty


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Sick news... absouletely sick news :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

source: http://www.cnn.com/2004/LAW/11/19/cremator...e.ap/index.html

LaFAYETTE, Georgia (AP) -- A former crematory operator pleaded guilty Friday to dumping 334 bodies and giving the families of the deceased cement dust instead of ashes.

Ray Brent Marsh entered the pleas to 787 counts against him, including theft, abuse of a corpse, burial service fraud and making false statements.

"To those of you who may have come here today looking for answers, I cannot give (them to) you," Marsh told the family members in the courtroom. "To those of you I have hurt, I apologize."

A sentencing hearing was set for January 31. In exchange for the guilty pleas, he is expected to receive a sentence that requires him to serve no more than 12 years in prison followed by probation.

Superior Court Judge James Bodiford said he will wait to officially accept the plea deal until after the sentencing hearing, which could take several days.

"I will keep an open mind," Bodiford said.

Marsh, 31, allegedly stopped performing cremations at the Tri-State Crematory in Noble, Georgia, in 1997, when he took over the family business. After an anonymous tip in 2002, authorities found more than 300 corpses on the property -- scattered in the woods, in buildings, behind Marsh's house and crammed into burial vaults.

Authorities had set aside half the courtroom Friday for victims' relatives. Teri Crawford, whose brother was supposed to have been cremated at Tri-State in 2001 after he died of cancer, said Marsh's apology disappointed her.

"It was halfhearted and it was more to his family than to the rest of us," she said. "He has a sentence of 12 years. I will be tormented for the rest of my life wondering what happened to my brother."

Relatives have settled an $80 million lawsuit against Marsh, though it is unclear how much will be paid. A lawsuit against funeral homes that sent bodies to Marsh's crematory was settled for $36 million, and much of that has been paid.

Several dozen relatives have already told the prosecutor's office they are interested in speaking at the January sentencing hearing, and others plan to send letters to be entered in court.

Carol Bechtel of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, plans to send a letter. "The thing I wanted was accountability," said Bechtel, whose parents were supposed to be cremated by Marsh. "If he does plead guilty, I'm OK with the Marsh family."

Marsh also is expected to plead guilty to corpse abuse in Tennessee, where some funeral homes that sent bodies to his crematory were located. That prison sentence would be served at the same time as the one he receives in Georgia.

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Whats the difference between ashes and dust? Same thing really... the soul has left... ashes is the same as dust, just as dust is the same as ashes.

People being sued over dust... crazy! What is the world coming to..

jaae milaa thinaa sajanaa thutto naahee naehu ||25||

I am going out to meet my Friend, so that my heart will not be broken. ||25||

fareedhaa mai bholaavaa pag dhaa math mailee hoe jaae ||

Fareed, I was worried that my turban might become dirty.

gehilaa roohu n jaanee sir bhee mittee khaae ||26||

My thoughtless self did not realize that one day, dust will consume my head as well. ||26||

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Gurfateh Veer ji,

it does sound kinda absurd arguing over dust but here's the catch,

this should be the ashes of a loved one being given to the family to let them do as they wish.

Let me ask you a question, for eg. Waheguru forbid but let's say a family member of yours akaal chalana kar jaavey would you accept just cement dust? If yes, then my point is over and plz forgive me but if not then y not accept it as you say that it's jus dust. look at it from that point.

all i'm saying is that it is dust but it's the respect that follows it so it should be ashes given and not dust (which if you read, was by deceit) and that is also his karm which he will have to pay for.


Bhul chuk maaf karna jey galti ho gayee mere ton


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f dust is dust then food and (admin-cut) are also the same thing, water and amrit, your wife/partner and your dog,... lol

things arnt that simple..


Anyways...just wanna ask is there no place for emotions in sikhi...??? :?: :?: :?:

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