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Bhagvat Purana chapter 10, section 22

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the following is not my post but of someone who I have been debating with back and forth, is this misintrepreted?:

In Bhagvat Purana chapter 10, section 22 says that once Krishna saw women taking bath in the river. So he went there and stole their clothes and made them come outside naked to get their clothes. When they did he forced them to mate with him. What kind of God would do that? Is this the kind of love God gives to his children? In the same chapter section 60 says that Krishna had 16,108 wives and Radha was not one of them. Each wife gave birth to 10 sons and one daughter means that Krishna had 161,080 sons and 16,108 daughters. So all together he had 177188 children. This shows how lustful Krishna was and RSS is trying to compare him with the greatest of all, Guru Gobind Singh Ji?

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Guest Javanmard

Giani Ishar Singh Nara who worked for the SGPC wrote a fantastic book:

Bhagavan Krishan ate Sri Guru Gobind Singh. The court poets of Guru Gobind Singh used to compare him to Krishna and his childhood nicknames were Shyam and Ram.

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This is wrong. Nara was influenced by brahmanvad. Guru Ji said:

rwgu kilAwx pwiqSwhI 10]

Raag Kaliyan Paatshahi 10

ibn krqwr n ikrqm mwno

Bin Kartaar Na Kirtum Maano

Except Waheguru (God), do not accept anyone as the ruler and controller of the world.

Awid Ajoin AjY AibnwsI iqh prmysr jwno]1] rhwau

Aad Ajone Ajay Abenaasi Teh Parmaysr Jaano|| 1 || Rahao

The one who has been here from the beginning, the one who is away from births, the one who is matchless, and the one who cannot be destroyed, know that He is Waheguru (God).

khw BXo jo Awn jgq mY dsk Asur hir Gwey

Kaha Bhayo Jo Aan Jagat Mai Dask Asur Har Gha-aye

So what if Krishna/Vishnu came here and killed about ten bad people?

AiDk pRpMc idKwie sBn k`h Awpih bRhm khwey]1]

Adik Parpunch Dikha-aye Saban Keh Aapay Brahm Kaha-aye

Showing many hypocrisies and fooling everyone, he called himself God.

BMjn gVHn smrQ sdw pRBu so ikm jwiq ignwXo

Bhanjan Garhan Samruth Sadaa Prabh So Kim Jaate Gina-ayo

The one who kills and creates, how can He be described by counting?

qW qy srb kwl ky Ais ko Gwie bcwie n AwXo]2]

Taa Tay Sarab Kaal Kay Aus Ko Ghaye Bachaye Na Aa-ayo

If he (Krishna) was God then how come he couldn’t save himself from death?

kYsy qoih qwirhY suin jV Awp fuibXo Bv swgr

Kaisay Tohay Taarihay Sun Jarh Aap Dubayo Bhav Sagar

Hey idiot, listen, how can that idiot get you across this world ocean (get you liberated) when he himself fell into the world ocean (died).

Cuitho kwl Pws qy qb hI gho srin jgqwgr]3]5]

Shootiho Kaal Faas Tay Tub Hi Gahio Saran Jugtaagar

You can only be saved when you go to Waheguru (God).

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Guest Javanmard

yeah... whatever Khalsa Fauj. Strangely enough Radha herself and the gopis themselves used to call names to Krishna just in Maharaj's shabad.

What has this shabad got to do with Giani Ishar Singh Nara?

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Here are few verses related to Krishna. You can read more on the reference pages and find out more.

Page 606, Line 16 -- Guru Ram

The Beloved Himself is the milk-maid and Krishna; He Himself herds the cows in the woods.

aapay gopee kaan hai pi-aaraa ban aapay ga-oo charaahaa.

Page 693, Line 17 -- Saint Nam Dev

Know that, through Krishna, the Lord, Har, Har, the dance of creation dances. ||1||

krisnaa tay jaan-oo har har naachantee naachnaa. ||1||

Page 695, Line 3 -- Saint Trilochan

Among the men of the moon`s family, Krishna was born;

kul jan maDhay mili-yo saarag paan ray.

Page 718, Line 19 -- Saint Nam Dev

The Lord of the Universe, Govind, is within His Saints; Krishna, Shyaam, is in Gokal.

jantaaN maDhay gobind aachhai gokal maDhay si-aam go.

Page 727, Line 10 -- Saint Kabir

The True Creator Lord is diffused into His creation; He is not just the dark-skinned Krishna of legends. ||2||

hak sach khaalak khalak mi-aanay si-aam moorat naahi. ||2||

Page 727, Line 18 -- Saint Nam Dev

You are my Lord King, like the dark-skinned Krishna. ||3||

ham chinee paatisaah saaNvlay barnaaN. ||3||

Page 733, Line 7 -- Guru Ram Das

Go and ask Bidar, the son of a maid; Krishna himself stayed in his house. ||1||

poochhahu bidar daasee sutai kisan utri-aa ghar jis jaa-ay. ||1||

Page 981, Line 14 -- Guru Ram Das

Krishna was pleased, and so he touched the hunch-back Kubija, and she was transported to the heavens. ||1||

paras napras bha-ay kubijaa ka-o lai baikunth siDhaaray. ||1||

Page 988, Line 11 -- Saint Nam Dev

blessed, blessed is the blanket worn by Krishna. ||1||

Dhan Dhan krisan odhai kaaNblee. ||1||

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