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And what of dukh (suffering?)

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Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

" All your dukh (suffering), will become diminished on a full stomach. Does not a full plate nourish your wounds, and bring you energy? Does not the world seem a little brighter after placing your knife and fork down after you have consumed your last morsel. Does not a full meal, taste better after a dismal day?

Even though the thunder still covers the sky's, and the rain pounds down around you, this day is fresher after you have eaten. Find the food that will nourish your soul."

And then the room whispered, What of ones desire to solve all pains?

He replied,

" In your life, you will have many pains. Your first instinct will to be to become overwhelmed. As your loneliness shares drinks with your fears, your over due bills will dance with the pain from your ex's. Your failures will bed your self esteem. And you will find despair.

And amongst this suffocation, you will desire to perfect your world and try to solve all your problems. This process will only lead you to more despair and more disappointment.

And one day, you will accept your life. Accept the gifts around you. Try not to fix everything, and try not to think of every pain, in every moment after every breath. Release yourself and accept your life. From your scars you will find a better you. From your pain, you will realize, that not every problem needs to be solved, but every problem needs to be accepted. "

And as he stopped at a red light, the squeegee man-child asked him, "My mind makes me dizzy. I cannot escape it. The voices repeat my misery, over and over."

Turning down the volume he said,

" Remove yourself from your thoughts. Open your mind, and listen to yourself. The voices are phantoms and echoes of your lost self. Lend a hand, and guide yourself to a quiet place. When you are alone, your mind will think of your most vocal emotional times, and recite them to you - by covering your joys.

In the mornings, and just before you sleep, your demons will appear. When you are alone, ghosts of anger, and betrayal, and helplessness will haunt you. Listen to yourself and deny the dead their existence.

Just as your body remembers how to shift gears, and open doors without thought, so does your mind remember to remind you of your pain. Unteach it. Replace those thoughts. Hear yourself. You are the Man in the mirror. You do not have to be your history."

And what of my tomorrow?

" Tomorrow is new, and always fresh. Beside every pain, is a space that needs your joy. Your sorrows are like a blanket. They cover the light, and leave the room dark. Every tomorrow, is an opportunity to neatly fold your blankets, and uncover your capacity to joy".

-author unknown

Vaheguru Ji Ki Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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