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Man dressed like first Master in the street of Nagpur

vijaydeep Singh

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Gur Fateh Parwan Ho!

Wahiguru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

From unreliable sources das has come accross a fact that during a proceesion by sindhis in nagpur(on The Prakash Parv of First Master),A person was dressed like him and paraded with the procession.

It is furhter said that a right wing hindu outfit located in nagpur is allaged behind it.

Sikhs may retaliate by dressing a donkey with mask of a former PM of India and present Head of that outfit.

Das is a supporter of Bajrang Dal.Das agrees to it. But Mentality of Bajrang Dal is like that of Hindu Mahsabha or Veer Savarker.RSS/Jansangh/BJP move on the idealogy of 'GuruJI' Gowelker.

Since then only Saverker Ji were the worst critic of the policy of Sangh.

Any insider of Sikhism knows the realtion between Babber Khalsa and Damadami Taksal under Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa.

If Kala Afghana or Babbers use name of Sant Ji then this does not means that that they adhere to there policies too.

Same could be said between the realtion of Bajrang Dal and VHP on one end and RSS/BJP on other.For an outsider both are same but for person like das there is a lot of difference.

Coming back to main question

If report from nagpur is true then what is wrong in dressing a person like First Master.

As per as Arya Samaji maternal Back Graund of Das,Drama of Rama or playing role like him are hated as more preference is given to be like Rama in real life then making fun of Rama by mimicking him.

das just wanted to know that is it only a hoax or a reality that such thing happen in nagpur.

In Past also Das had heard that Sanagat of Nanded is not happy by Mr Pramood Mahajan for his alleged remarks of Black mailing them.

Third thing is utternce of mr Modi CM of Gujrat reagrding 12 o clock and Sikhs on TV.

Das just wants to know that are they only propoganda to malign the image of BJP etc. in Sikhs(say by oppositon parties to bjp) or is there any substance of truth in them.

Das awaits your response

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