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Fascinating newsreels !


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Here is a fascinating website for all you Heritage/History Buffs :


If you do a search for 'Sikh' you will get loads of interesting images ranging from 'Celebrations for Guru Nanak's 500 prakash utsav 1969' to 'Churchill inspecting Sikh troops with Stalin at Tehran'

There's 'Master Tara Singh's "Fast to Death"' - A sikh policeman in Eastham 1970- 'Partition' - a gurpurb at mukhtsar 1943 - and soldiers from the 1920's

plus lots more -

It will give you hours of amusement -- well if you're a sad git history buff like me it will !!

No matter what area you are interested in - be it Soldiers,Nihangs,Diaspora Sikhs, History,Changing Costumes/fashions its all here - Plus almost every Major Historic world event of the modern era -- The web stats say The Titanic and the Rise of Hitler are the favourites -- and of course 'BeatleMania' !!

High res versions can be bought --- Now there's a project for Gurdwaras/kar sewaks or those with deep pockets ! -- Make a Sikh Archive - We are always being told that Sikhs dont read books - what better for the 30 second attention span 'Youth of Today' than moving pictures !! -- better use of money than plastering the gurdwara walls in ceramic tiles ! -- Sewa for the future generations !

**Spread the word to your local Gurdwara Committee - you never know !!

I'll get off my soap box now ! -- Have a look at the images -- I think the lottery funding runs out soon - so have a free look while you can !!

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