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vaheguru jee kaa khalsa

vaheguru jee kee fatheh

sangat jee.. i've been thinking a lot about wearing a keski when i take amrit.. i think it's proper and it makes sense.. but tons of people discourage me everyday, saying girls don't need to, and it's not necessary, and "back in the day" when guru gobind singh jee was around, woman did not wear keskis.. the other day my grandmother told me that in guru gobind singh jee's time, woman were into fashions like wearing ghagras and crap...

"girls didnt wear keskis, girls are supposed to wear chunis, the only girls that WOULD wear keskis wore them when they were going into battle, so they could look like boys... the tradition for girls, however, has always been to wear a chuni, thats all you need and should wear.."

and other people have also said that there are tons of gurmukh girls who wear chunis or rumaals but they've still attained God.. and that if wearing a keski wasn't necessary for them, why should it be necessary for us? (that's what someone said to me, not what i'm saying)

i may be considering what those people are saying, and it makes sense because i have seen a few gurmukh bibian that wear chunis/rumaals..... but for some reason something still is yanking inside at me and it wont go away...i really feel like i should wear one, some day, in the future, after i take amrit, i just really think i should... but i dont know if i have the guts.. and its hard putting up with all this stuff people are saying to me.. i don't know what's right or wrong, and there's no real evidence saying what side is right or wrong... for me right now even wearing a chuni/rumaal 24/7 seems hard because i'm not used to it, but wearing a keski seems nearly impossible to me right now...but in my heart it just feels so proper to wear one.. i don't know what's right or wrong, no one's taught me about this, my family isn't into sikhi at all...so i really don't know... and i have so many doubts, even about taking amrit....but whenever i think about guru gobind singh and the panj pyare and the sweet amrit, my knees get really weak and i want it so badly...

but whenever society comes back and reminds me about how im "young" and should be "enjoying life" and how "you're only young once", blah blah blah blah, i get nervous and confused again.... although i still cant wait til the day i take amrit, im almost praying the day comes soon...

im just confused.. about the whole keski thing... and im getting quite discouraged, but i dont know if its "ok" to wear a chuni/rumaal... i know it would be EASIER for me to wear a chuni/rumaal, at least at first, but there's something about wearing a keski...that seems so right...but im not ready...i DONT KNOW...

does anyone have any advice... plz don't yell at me, i'm just telling you what people have said to me.. i'm sorry for saying anything against gurmat... please forgive me if ive offended anyone... much love sangat jee...forgive my ignorance and manmat

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fateh ramina penji - u still worried about a keski ??? lol

satguru shri guru gobind singh ji maharaj wanted a khalsa which would be visible within a thousand people - the distinct look of a khalsa is what makes the roop of a singh / singhni so beautiful

in this day and age - to see one pure singh / singhni with a dastaar makes everything else look minor - there is nothin that can compete with the roop of the khalsa....

wear ur keski with pride - altho u should wear a dastaar :P:P the main thing is that u hold ur head up high that u are a daughter of dasmeh paatshah shri guru gobind singh ji - and u have upmost respect for the greatest gift from waheguru - ur kesh

to leave ur kesh uncovered is a great sin - always respect ur hair and keep it covered

fateh :D

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when guru gobind singh jee was around, woman did not wear keskis

read sakhis n books of bhai vir singh jee

all shahed singhnians bibi sundrin others wear dastaar.

phenji wear dastaar. tis is a kaljug. here u meet so many who discourage u. tis is gr8 tat ur parents allow u for amrit. i hav heard tat in punjab, in some houses ladies say 2 their sons n daughters

"amrit tan bhai granthi shakde ne.tun put dhari kuli raakh ke kirpan upar di paa ke bhai granthi bannana hai"

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My Dastar, My Crown,

I wear it without a frown.

For you see it is a gift from my father,

To keep my precious hair together.

Not just a piece of cloth,

But a fabric that I fold and mold,

Lovingly around my hair each morn.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji, my father, gave me this crown,

So I can stand out in a crowd,

With a powerful smile showing I’m proud.

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Bhanji, if you feel that you need to take amrit, then take it. it is the first step towards your Guru. It is just a first step, there is no need to feel worried about it. Guru ji allows for mistakes because you are only human. Someone who feels so strongly and passionatly should not let anything stand in her way. Its ok if your family isnt in to Sikhi, you can start a new tradition :) As for wearing a Keski, as a Sikh, that is your right. Wear it with pride dispite what others might say to you. Remember, Guru ji said men and women are equal, so if Sikh men have the right to wear a dastar, then so do you

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nice questions, but my answer... if u believe in maahraaj, if u believe in Kalgi tar patsha sri guru gobind Singh ji then u dnt need to ask questions cuz u love him and u would do ne thing for ya guru..

me personaly would do ne thing so my Guru asked/demanded his singhs cover their then so be it, cuz its minor truthfully, now if u dnt believe in maahraaj or Guru Gobind Singh ji then thats a queation u should be asking, u lot gotta make the chioce

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From the very little I know which is next to nothing a general rule of thumb I would use is find the middle way. At times we lack an open mind and suffer tunnel vision. Change comes from doing your own katha understanding yourself. Changing from inside, Keski and Amrit are secondary and not the other way round, at times we forget this. Chances are if some ones a dipstick two minutes before they take Amrit they’re probably be a dipstick two minutes after. No offence intended

Be real, Know yourself.

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i totally agree with you mloco

phenji, if ur heart tells u 2 wear a keski then do so

i think it is a personal choice, but so long as you keep ur head covered then its okay

i personally would one day tie a dastaar after i take guru ji's sweet amrit because i have a yearning to be like the greats in our sikh history.

for example,baba deep singh, shaheed sant siphai jarnail singh ji, mai bhago, 4 sahibzadas, baba budha ji etc. the list is so long that there wouldn't be enough room to write all of their names. there are so many of them that not one sikh can name each and every one of them

guru gobind singh ji asked "his sikhs" to wear dastaars. he didn't refer to men or women because spirtually there is no difference between men and women in sikhi

the khalsa is one and all of the khalsa panth are equal

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