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Rehitnamay, do you follow them? is so which ones and why...

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Rehitnamay, do you follow them, if so which ones and why these particular ones? What were the Rehitnamas straight from Guru Sahib?

I think alot of the rehitnamas scare people away such as :

"Those who walk outside, eat or distribute food without their head covered will be punished severely." -Bhai Nand Lal Ji

The Rehitnama Hazooree by Chaupa Singh says "Guru kaa Sikh...apaNy langar rasoee vich Sikh rakhey. Hukaie, Topeeaa, BhaadNee, chor, yaar, jooaybaaz, kurehiteeyaa na rakhai" meaining "A Guru ka Sikh...should keep only a Sikh in his langar and kitchen. Smokers, hat-wearers, shaven people, theieves, gamblers, kurehitees should not be kept" (Padam, 85).

Bhai Daya Singh rehitnaama contains the following bachans: "Bhojanaad Moundit naal chhakey, Tankhaiyaa" or One who eats food with a Mona/non-Sikh, is guilty of a breach of conduct (Piara Singh Padam’s Rehitnamay pg. 72);

He who as a Sikh places a hat on their head; will be reborn seven times as a leper. - Thankhaanama Bhai Nand Laal Jee

Bhul Chuk Maaf

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