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Blissful Nagar Kirtan Night


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Blissful Nagar Kirtan Night

Looking at the horizon

I see a large procession

Who are they!! I wonder

They come nearer and nearer!!

Ahaa!! What a sight!

Lights .....so many lights

A Royal King! A King of all Kings!

whose praises the sangat sings

Panj Pyaras leading the way

Protecting panth night and day

Keertanis singing pure nector

Sangat rushing to get one sight

-of this beautiful beautiful night...

Stars shine extraodinarily

Moon lightens up beautifully



Petals raining from heavens...

Sangat of all type

babies,teens,old and ripe

All love their king

Flying high without wings

Flying high without wings

The Royal Carriage passes by me

I am lost in love of Thee

Witnessing such a grand procession

I feel love oh!!love

such an overwhelming emotion

I bow to pay You respect

Why didnt before I realise Your lovely aspect

Witnessing this beautiful scene

To unite with You, I am more keen...

source --- Googly

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