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Okay All sanatans/ udhasis or whatever Come on Here!!


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Gurfateh ji..............

I found this topic from another site and was hoping to get some feedback so I can "answer his questions"................................... :roll: :mrgreen:

here is what the guy wrote..................

1) By creating websites or wearing a bana of nihang you are not gonna become Nihang..

2) where in history did our Gurus call themselves "AKali Guru" ?

3) When did they Recognize the vedas or any other form rather they Negated it..

4) When did the Gurus tell us to look for "Nirmala" or "Udhasis" or Whatever..

5) Didn't Guru Nanak disown his son Sri Chand coz he was doing the things against his Followings and sayings..

6) I know people here say ..well they read and preach our Gurus and Guru Granth sahib.. WelI I SAY .. YOU Guys Do lotsa other Stuff which is not Sikhism.. so call your self Sanatanis or UDhasis.. not sikhs or Nirmalas and not sikhs as Thats what you are Called ain't it..!!

7) You are trying to bring Sikhism into all these things and then say we are all part of Sanatan dharma.. the so called hinduism today.. Right..!!

GO FORGET IT>> you can talk whatever here on Internet.. but let me see you guys try it out in real...

Don't talk of Nihang Singhs.. I respect them as Guru Gobind Singhs Men.. and they lead the same simple life style what Sikhs in old times used to.. They Don't come to Internet AS MR_B.. s hehe.. And let me see you Go to Any Nihang Dera in Punjab..


BUT PEOPLE IN INDIA A BIGGER STRATEGY IS BEING PLAYED.. And that is RSS who these Sanatan s belong to.. ir trying hard from ages to take over our Religion.. and make it a part of Hinduism...

Before when Punjab was annexed by "Idiot Dalhousie "(the british general) These Mahants ( who are part of Sanatanis )took over the control of many our Gurudwaras.. and were doing the stuff sikhism doesn't preaches.. and were making them into hindu temples.. And after independence most of these gurudwaras were Taken back and SGPC was formed.. and So these sanatans or RSS isn't new to us they have been trying to Come take our religion from us.. BUT WILL THEY BE SUCCESSFUL .. hahha I DOUBT that..!

Jo Boole So Nihaal Sat Sri Akal

again to reiteriate......these are not my views but someone else's...........


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Guest Sardar Moderator Singh

This topic is being closed for the following reasons:-

1. There are two on going threads dedicated to assessing the Sanatan Sikh era, sampradhyas and practices.

It is interesting to note that those who are keen to attack Sanatan Sikhs don't seem to contribute to these discussions raised by the SIKHawareness team, yet continue to post various immature slandering posts elsewhere. Likewise, those amongst the majority of the so-called Sanatan Sikhs, bar a few cases, who can be seen across this site bringing up their issues on all other threads except these two.

All it indicates is that Sikhs today, as I have previously indicated, simply don't know how to have a sensible discussion. Moreover, it is very interesting to observe how many posters on this site go on to others and refer to this site as "N A N G awareness" (even though none of the moderators are members of the UK Nihangs) and yet cannot come and contribute in a mature fashion to the aforementioned discussions.

2. The questions raised above have ALL been asked and addressed on this forum, please do a search and you can find those queries from the use of "Akali" in the Guru's names through to "Baba Sri Chand's position" and the role and origins of the Nirmalas.

We hope that we can see some positive contribution to the threads on these topics where many questions and points have already been raised that challenge the position of the Sanatan Sikh websites and also of the present day status quo of Modern Day Sikhs.


SMS, on behalf of the SA team.

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