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mool mantar

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I wrote this 2 years ago,

I hope you all enjoy it,

ek oankar- there is only one that is one. (we are essentially dual in nature in everything we do. we live by our whims and tend never to be fully focused. The key here is to be as focused on whatever you are doing with full heart at every moment. Then emotions, doubt, and pain take a back seat.)in essence be single minded and relentless in any task that you are undertaking.. (so long as you use the next few points as checks and balances)

sat(i)naam: god is absolute truth, hence the name is true. god is truth. through and through. we as humans tend not be. intentions and actions don't always perfectly match. what we must aim for is to be absolutely thorough. lets make sure our intentions are true. what is truth (honestly I don't have a clue)... how do we recognize truth. it is fair, universally applicable and really can't be bent regardless of how you look at it.Being honest in intention and action and thorough singleminded is a sign of a healthy mind= ek oankar+satnaam

karta purakh: creative being.. meaning god is a creating being. Be creative and always positive (meaning constructive) in your every day decisions. start off with the little ones, then the big ones, then you will notice you are proactive in everything you do in life. A single minded constructive approach to life which is grounded in honest intentions and actions is a sign of a healthy mind= (ek oankar+satnaam+karta purakh)

nirbhau: Without hatred. A healthy mind is that which does not use anger or negative passions as a motivator.. I usually try not to be spiteful or vengeful in this respect in applying this principal..so in essence: Avoid using negative feelings and emotions to fuel your ambitions..

nirvair: Without enemies. well we have outside and inner enemies. to be truthful it is our inner enemies (lust anger greed attachment and EGO) which causes outer enemies. These things don't come near truth because of truths objectivity. In being thorough and single minded with honest intentions and actions.. one will end up assessing the influence of these in their analysis. in essence: remember everything has its place in life and the only thing going against you is your negative mindset which is caused by negative attributes in and around you.

akaal murat: The energy that is beyond time and stationary. every thing has some energy or vibe.( you seem like the type who assesses others based on your vibe etc.) everything we know will perish. so will the energy. god won't perish. in applying this to our mindset, it is a reinforcer to attain to a state of mind that doesn't change..simply meaning, fluctuating from high to low, bad to good, angelic to devlish

so in essence: work to keep your mind in equipose where you will always remain in composure. (plus everything else that has been written).

ajuni: not bound to cyclical events such as birth and death. A mindset that is grounded in truthful intentions and actions, which is relentless in its endeavour and creative in essence. While remaining in equipose while fighting iner and outer enemies.. will not be broken. meaning that a healthy mind avoids extremes of creative and destructive (in whims) ie. pains and pleasures (to the effect that it affects your mindset and your soul). in essence. once in equipose, stay there because you avoid having to go through traumatic extremes.

saibhan(g): sustains itself: the way I understand this is this... we as organisms require some type of stimuli that is constant.. instead of finding it in temporary pains and pleasures look towards truth, lovingly, and you will find that your mind sustains itself. you will in essence be content with what you have but the key is that your mind should positively channel everything that stimulates it. ie. you can be stable in your mind, but outside forces will always challenge it. in essence, take outside forces and influences with grace so that your mind remains grounded.

gurparsaad: it all happens with the grace of god. no matter what we do in life and what we endeavor to do, anything bound in truth will be attached to and energised by the ultimate truth (and its grace). in essence it all comes back to god.

JAP: remember god. in practicality, remember god and use god as a support in maintaining a healthy mindset... and this is a prelude to the next 4 things.

aad sach: the truth was there in the beginning. our mind has always been there, in that we can't define it and it somehow taps into everything around us.. there is a line in gurbani (eh man tu jot sarup hai, apna mul pashcaan) a loose translation of this is " hey mind you are a microcosm of the greater whole, "reconize!"(or in simple english, understand your role). this extends to before time.

jugaad sach: truth, gods grace, god in itself, has been there since the beginning of all time in essence, the mind has always been there since the beginning of time

hai bhi sach: god is true now: our mind is true now as well, that is pretty much what we are.. but we are linked to god as we speak

nanak hosi bhi sach: this truth will always remain. meaning god, ultimate truth etc.... if we make ourselves truthful and live according to the tenets/qualities of god, we will live on forever!!!

okay,I think I have bored you enough and probably added to the complexity of things, hopefully this stuff might come in to some use at some point. for me, it pretty much guides me

have faith and god bless

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I would second that proposition , another great source is the audio file available from the Taksal with Gyani Thakur Singh in his JapJi Sahib Katha -the mool mantar component takes up the first 10 files and is based loosely on the same text.

Alternatively, head off to your local Nanaksar Gurdwara, where they still use the Faridkot Teeka as part of their santiya.

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hello everyone,

for a "proper" translation, I agree with both narsingha and niranjana (mine was strictly a personal understanding, I fully support that it doesn't qualify for a "proper" translation...)

I would also suggest people read the ameer bhandaar translation, by sant kirpal singh of dera sato gali....

I have drawn GREAT inspiration from giani takur singh as well...incredibly thorough.

alright everyone, take caare

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