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Sat sri akaal to all,

As you all know, I am an avid fan of bhai vir singh, and what I try to do every day is take what he has written in his experience and see if I can actually relate. Today's "Veechar" struck a chord and I felt that I should share what he had written because it may do someone else around me good as well. so, I am transliterating what was written in punjabi to english. Excuse the error in the translation, and feel free to ask me for clarification, but here it goes.....

vedantists say that we are god (brahm). They say our perception of us being living creatures/beings/souls (Jeev) is an illusion. This illusion can be reduced as we attain more knowledge. (bhai veer singh disagrees on certain aspects and this is his take on the whole thinking, again its not his anti-vedantic thought process that appealed to me but rather his reasoning with vedantic philosophy as the benchmark).

Bhai Veer Singh says: we (the jeev) can keep trying with all its might but it won't ever be able 100% enlightened (gyaanvaan). (he states that it is not possible). He says you can take a piece of wood and keep halving it but mathematically, the number of divisions that can be done is close to infiniti. The point here being that even the smallest unit we know of (an atom per se) can be split into sub atomic particles.

Simran (active remembrance) will take our soul to the edge (kinaaray) of god's absolute realm. At that point, the infinite aspect of god (which is away from us) will take our "finite" soul and engulf it...so that we become one with it (yet the soul is still finite..interesting paradox). He goes on to explain how a drop of water on a leaf on the edge of the ocean of can be englufed in the ocean, but the leaf is still keeping it afloat ( I viewed our physical bodies as the leaf. So far as we are living, we are aware of our bodies...anything beyond life is a philosophy for us).

Bhai vir singh further states: If we do meet with god or come to some sort of connection, that we should be mindful to never forget god. Even if we are enjoying spiritual bliss, we should never forget god (the source).

Bhai veer singh on simran and the effects: (still continued), If we say waheguru (the mantar for remembrance is specific to each respective faith though) once and then the urge to repeat, naturally, arises; Then understand (samjo) that the simran is being accepted by god <or is beneficial>(safal), Keep remembering god with the tongue because it becomes rythmical and will start to occur by itself. Then it will become Astral (sukhsam) and will manifest itself in our thoughts. Then it will re-emerge when the soul touches the supersoul (meaning our finite soul touches god). This union is (milaap). The result will be a cold sensation in the heart/mind. And a light will appear (but don't assume that this is god, it is just an indicator). One's physical state will feel lighter and happier.

The purpose of sikhi is to awaken our sleeping (mun). This is done by simran. He states that the deeper message (taleem) of guru sahib (in the form of guru granth sahib ji) states that everything manifests itself in our sub concious mind (he then use a line from gurbani to talk about what the western scientists refer to as the subconcious). He said, imagine the root of everything as god and at some point, one will see some sort of tangible evidence for it. he states that one who says they know, really don't know anything. He talks about the false "saints" who have used religion to create wealth and how they have compromised their relationship with god to attain maya.

He then shares a story of a father and his 3 sons and what each of the sons did with the inheritance.

son #1: wasted all the money

son#2: second one buried the money

son#3: invested the money and became rich

He goes on to say that we should be like the 3rd son, take "NAAM" and keep using and investing it because it will be needed for us now and in the next life. One who actually invests it will understand why guru sahib said the sun is lifeless, and so is the moon (reason being that they have cultivated the procreative entity which makes everything else seem meaningless). He then states that this will happen when we SUBLIMATE our 5 vices, NOT "kill" them.

Harry's view: I got a sense of god and the relationship we should have. The intimacy we should always hold with god. The way our nature should be one of constantly trying to work to make things good, and how everything around us is a tool that we learn to use along the way. In essence, if we decide how we want to learn/earn god's favor; then we are entering our own subjective reality. If we are too rigid, we won't see the truth. If we are too lax, there is no discrimination. As we try to understand our guru, we will learn to understand god...providing we have full love and faith in our guru

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