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I am very angry..how dare they make this play


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i dont know if this has been posted before it probably has but i was in the car and some lady was talking about a offensive sikh play on 5 live..

i then went on the internet and checked to see if it had been posted here.. apparantly some author who claims she is a sikh and if she is reading this know one thing U DO NOT BECOME SIKH JUST BY UR NAME... she wrote a play about some ppl in the sikh religion i cant even go into what she has wrote about it... once again its insulting our religion.

here are the links 2 the site



if u go to sikhsangat the details r there but since i saw no1 in this forum post it..forgive me if it has been posted though



im sad and angry about this

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We as a Sikh nation have been stuck in the middle of someones elses Holy War (Chrisitians and Muslims and the whole identity issues with us Sikhs), it think us sikhs are starting to wake up and standing up to what our Dharam is about. Muslims have been speading a lot of Propaganda about us. We need to speak out.

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the playwright is substituting real talent with controversial depictions of sikhs to get her play accepted by middle britain as an ethnic freedom of speech thing.

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Wahe guru ji ka khalsa Wahe guru ji ke fateh ,

I think the media have blown it out of proportion, i.e. the media are broadcasting more news on the violence rather than what offense the play caused to sikhs.

Watching the news last night , it was all about propaganda , i.e

' sikhs violently attack the REP '

' violence at the REP caused by sikhs , '


RATHER than , giving the news to the public about the offense the play caused and what the sikhs wanted to be rectified in the play , the media focused it more on violence

So the media are playing games , if i wasn't a sikh and i saw the news , the impression i would have is that , these sikhs are violent people causing harm to innocent by standers just because people don't agree with their views.

Plus one big mistake that was made was using violence , it was only a minority of people who caused such violence. If it was a peaceful protest , I bet it would have been solved behind doors , with a bit of persuasion from sikh leaders and other community leaders.

So we must educate these people , regarding the sikh religion , so they will think twice of using religious places / symbols in their plays in the future. We must tell them the meaning of sikhism , hold a gathering outside the REP / some peaceful place , with literature so that non sikhs can read and digest what sikhism is all about and that sikhs protesting about the play were not protesting to stop the play , but to change the contents of the play so that Sikh sysmbols/ place of worship / any negatives about sikhism as a religion were changed. It is not the religion that is at fault it is the person .

kemma dha jar-chuck heh

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If someone is opposed to the play then please protest peacefully. If everyone is so concerned that the play will harm our image, I think it was just hurt more by the "violence" outside than it could have been by the play. Most people know fiction, ie the play, but if you get violent that is real.

Also recognize that as offensive as the play may be she is whithin her legal rights have it on show. You cannot legally stop this. However you can organize peacefull protests to demonstrate you don't agree/support this. So our "image" won't look so bad. I think that is what the intention should be. Just recognize that more "harm" has been caused to the Sikh community through the death threats on her, and the "violence" than most probably would have been caused by the play.

So all of you don't be so damn fanatical...Have you ever seen programming bashing Christians? Of course, but most people know Christians aren't like that....Now it is up to Sikhs through peaceful means to show that we aren't like the play shows us to be. Easier for Christians cause they are the majority, but it is essentially the same idea. Write intelligent editorials to the papers. Do anything, just don't be stupid about it.

In multicultural countries, the State’s reasonable laws take precedence on all issues ( I say reasonable because France's Turban ban is not a reasonable law, and has nothing to do with upholding democratic ideals. They want to be more secular, but don't understand that secularism denotes neutrality.)

If legally Christians can be bashed, etc..then so can Sikhs. Now it is up to us to through peaceful means that we are not like that. You may not like this, but this is life if you want to stay in a multicultural country. If you expect other people to bend a little for you, then you should bend a little for them (Called Compromise).

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