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Nihang training regime?


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Hoe do the nihangs train, im presuming they train HARD! as they are warriors.

Ne1 know how they train in terms of improving strength etc.

I know they train using shaster videya, but how else to they train?

Do they go down the local gym and have a go at the weights!!

nah seriously do they do ne training methids like the shoalin monks, ie 1000 press-ups, followed by standing in horse-stance for hours!

let me know ppl

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I believe Sanjam Kriya and Viriyam (a composite set of exercises covering breathing techniques, weights, circuits and yoga) are claimed to be used by the Nihangs.

These are however not unique to the Nihangs, attend any Martial Arts class with sufficient links to its Eastern origins and one can see this -for a real deal within Desi-circles, check out the Hanuman Akhara next time you're in India.

As per the UK Nihangs, I've seen Nihang Niddar Singh exhibit some terrific fitness whilst running through his Sanjam Kriya exercises.

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