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i sometimes feel that the whole world is against me because ppl say stuff 2 me like im no good... after reading up on the gurujis... i decided that i want to know a lot about them.. whenever people used to say stuff 2 guruji what did they do.... if someone says stuff 2 me i get really upset and angry and my days goes bad...

so what did they do?

or which advice would they give to me in this situation because every1 hurts me and i question my existance because its no bad..

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I am not sure.

It sounds like you really could use some inspiration. I used to get through tough days by being inspired by sakhis of great gurmukhs (two good ones are on now at tapoban.org) and sakhis from the Guru's lives ( such as episodes from the lives of the Gurus on http://www.lotusmedia.co.uk/sikhstudent/library.htm).

You may also really enjoy naamnet book 1 and 2. I also urge you to try reading bandgi nama as it's an excellent guide for the spiritual seeker and may answer some of your questions.

The key to dealing with anger is amrit vela naam simran and avoiding controversy (to a reasonable extent). The key to amrit vela is going to sleep early. I hope that helps.

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