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A complaint against a giani


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once we had a akhand path down our house..and when we went back 2 the gurdwara the guy said he will do ardas for me...and i said what for he then said ''for u to loose weight'' that really hurt my feelings!... AND one other guy was there 2 and he laughed

i want justice!

this happened 2 years ago but still...!

they cant go around saying that

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I don't think you can really file some kind of formal complaint against this, especially since it was 2 years ago. Don't take such little things to heart. If it was someone your age I would tell you to tell em off, but if it is someone older than you try to explain it respectfully. I used to get teased when I was younger about being chubby, just used that motivation to hit the weights..worked for me..

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LOL... im sorry mate, im not laughing at you, im laughing at the innapropriate humor of the Giani..

But at the end of the day people are people and they're gonna say things. It happens to all of us at some point for one reason or another. Either ur getting told ur too fat or ur too thin.. i think its just a desi thing :roll:

Well, it has been 2 years.. a little late to track him down for badlah lol. But like the Infernal Monk says.. tackle the root of the problem. If your weight is an issue, then work on it.

Being and feeling healthier would probably help deal with alot of other problems you've mentioned in your other posts.

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i think me sukhi and challenge should raise a freedom fighter organisation for the benefit of Orchid and others like him who have been abused by the giani system..

you've been abused by a gyani? :shock:

I might make a play about this.

ps the shock emoticon is nowhere near as good as the original.

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