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Two Kinds of Recitation.


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Excerpts from the book- Transcendental Bliss page- 62

There are two kinds of recitation(Meditation). One is Apasoo(Vocal) , which means recitation by tongue. In the second kind of recitation lips do not move. Recitation aloud of Vahiguroo for ten times is equal to recitation of Vahiguroo once with use of tongue and moving lips. Mental Recitation for one time is equal to recitation aloud for one hundred times. Similarly recitation once in mind is equal to one thousand times recitation aloud. Further recitation once at navel point is equal to ten thousand recitations aloud. In this way significance or benefit of recitation goes on multiplying. Guru Ji says about a kind of recitation in which neither the lips nor the tongue. Breath and throat are also not used. That type of recitation is heard automatically. Effortlessly it goes on perpetually. It does not stop. The sound of this recitation comes continously in the body. It is sort of vibration of intuition experienced. When this recitation begins then man does not forget God even for a moment and is merged in god. With this duality is finished-

"Kabir, thou hast obtained the place which thou wert searching, Thou thyself hath turned to be the One, Whom thou thought to be different from thee" (Ang- 1369).

At this stage man loses his indentiy-

"As water comes and gets blended with water, so does his light blend with the Supreme Light.

His coming and going end and he attains rest.

Nanak is ever devoted unto the Lord"

Jaio Jaal Maih Jal Aaie Khatana ||

Taiu Joti Sang Jot Saman||

Mit Gaie Gavan Paie Bisraam ||

Nanak Prabh Kaaae Sahd Kurban||

This excerpts is same as Ajapa and Jap...just different wording.

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