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Sant Baba Thakur Singh je khalsa 108 went to Sachkhand.


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Vaheguru je ka khalsa, Vaheguru je ke fatej!!

6 am this morning

baba je said

sant je has extened the original time for his return, and keeps extending it

and i cannot wait that long

so they said its time for me to go now

and they said vaheguru jes fateh

and right then their saaas left

so, veer jes andbhenjis, mahan sant Baba Thakur singh je khalsa 108

has left the world today at 6 am morning

The Sikh nations respected religious personality,Baba Takhur Singh Jee was born in 1915,village Eechogill, Dist Lahore (Pakistan) to the respected Baba Bahadur Singh and Mata Prem Kaur Jee.

Both his parents were Amritdhari, who recited many prayers daily and had unshakeable faith in the guru .After the partition they came to India, where in village Sadaruala , near Makhu , Dist Ferozepur, they started to live. From birth Baba jee was forever meditating, merciful, peaceful hearted, imbued with spiritual energy and had unshakeable faith in the Guru. From a young age they would not waste their time playing or talking .When a little older, they started helping his mother and father in running the household, doing which he would forever attune his concentration to the one intoxicating Naam Simran. From childhood ,Baba Jee used to share his earnings/food/belongings with others as he saw Gods light in all ,and was always inspired to help others being engrossed in the seva and simran. Baba Jee’s mind forever longed to be in the precence and seva of a true Gursikh/Brahmgiani.

They learnt through others that Brahmgiani Sant Gurbachan Singh Jee Khalsa along with his Jatha were doing Sikhi Parcher- who are respected as great intellectuals and who have much blessings of Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee. Baba Jee left home and went to Bhindra in Dist Moga where Khalsa Jee resided, their Baba Jee took Amrit from Panj Pyare. Khalsa Jee recognised Baba Jee’s spiritual state and thus put him in charge of Langar, this seva was performed with much love and commitment, after 2 & half years seva Khalsa Jee accepted Baba Jee into the Jatha and taught him the knowledge of god.

Until Khalsa Jee went to sachkand, Baba Jee did seva of Garveye (close associate) for 22 years, Khalsa Jee being happy with this seva blessed Baba Jee with many gifts. They blessed him with a great spiritual state .They said ,’’A time will come , when you will perform the greatest seva of all . After Khalsa Jee went to sachkand, Baba Jee carried on seva of Langer and sangats, with Sant Giani Kartar Singh Jee Khalsa , and forever remained imbued in Naam Simran . Sant Giani Kartar Singh Jee had much respect for Baba Jee & would discuss decisions to be made with Baba Jee. This time was a critical period for Sikh’s as there were many efforts being made to silence the Sikh community, as a political and faith group. Sant Kartar Singh Jee Khalsa held 37 major processions which woke the sleeping Sikh masses to their identity. The government were trying to silence Sant Kartar Singh Jee Khalsa and were making plan’s to arrest him, Santh Jee said the follwing in response to this, ‘’If the government arrest me, then after me Baba Takhur Singh Jee will be responsible for Damdami Taksal. They can give the seva of leadership to whom they please.â€

After Sant Kartar Singh Jee Khalsa Bhindra Vale ascended to Sachkand, Baba Jee appointed Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Jee Khalsa the leader of Damdami Taksal, Sant Jee would always heed Baba Jee’s advice.

In July 1982 Sant Jarnail Singh Jee Khalsa began the Dharam Yudh Morcha to free the Sikh’s from oppression of the government and made Amritsar their permanent residence, and Baba Jee was given the seva to look after Gurdawara Gurdashan Parkash Mehta. In June 1984 the government attacked Sri Harmander Sahib and Sri Akhal Takhat Sahib martyred countless Singh’s and Singhnia. After the attack Sant Jee went underground, in the absence of Sant Jee the Damdami Taksal seva was given to Baba Jee by the Sangat, which they are performing to their best currently, he has guided the Damdami Taksal through testing and difficult times, and his wisdom has shined throughout.

Baba Jee has kept the Damdami Taksal Parcher countinuous, he attends many functions throughout the world. Thousands have been inspired through parcher organised by Baba Jee and have taken Amrit. He has fought cases for arrested Singh’s and has assisted those still in jail, in whatever manner possible, Shaheed’s families have been provided for and are still being supported.

He restarted the great tradition of Sarbat Khalsa and they performed the reconstruction of Sri Akhal Takhat Sahib with much physical fervour, many other Gurdwaras have been built and are being built/renovated.

Gurdwara Shaheed Ganj B-block was built in Sri Amritsar in memory of the Shaheeds of the encounter with Nakali Nirankaris of 1978. At Sri Anandpur Sahib on Kiratpur Sahib Road a Gurdwara was built to benefit visiting sangats. In memory of Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Jee Khalsa a Khalsa academy & a hospital have been built at Mehta. Baba Jee is respected throughout the panth as a very spiritual/gifted leader and he is a shining example of a Khalsa. When they utter Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh peace is brought to the minds of thousands.

also check out sikh sangat on this for more, gursikhijeevan will also have much up soon



bhula chuka maf

Vaheguru je ka khalsa, vaheguru jeke fateh!!!

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Our deepest condolscences to all the Gurmukhs who beleive in Sant Mahapursh from Sikhawareness team.

This is a very sad day indeed for murids/sevadars of Sant baba Thakur SIngh Ji. But what can you do?? Everyone has to go one day.

But our going and bhramgyani going is really really different.

[glow=blue:76482bb9b0][fade:76482bb9b0]Bhramgyani Sad(h) Jivea Nahi Marta ||[/fade:76482bb9b0][/glow:76482bb9b0]

May we kalyugi jivs can take atleast one cup out of sumandar of prema bhagti jevan Sant Ji had.

[glow=blue:76482bb9b0][fade:76482bb9b0]Sooraj Kiran Milli Jal Ka Hoya Ram

Joti Jot Rali Sampuran Thiya Ram||[/fade:76482bb9b0][/glow:76482bb9b0]

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waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

Deepest condolscences to all the gursikhs on the passing away of Mahan Sant Thakur Singh Ji . Well its a time of mourning for us but Sant Mahapurakhs don't want us to weep . They want us to do paaths of Gurbani and Naam Simran . In order to remember the parupkars done by baba ji lets do the jaap of waheguru mantar ,or mool mantar , or do paths of sukhmani sahibs , or chopai sahibs ...

Brahmgyanis are paropkari souls , even when they leave their panj bhootak chola and go to sachkhand they do "udhar " of lakhs paapi pranis on their way .

waheguru ...

"Brahmgyani ka ant na paar "

Brahmgyani ko sada namaskar "

we can't describe the jeevan of brahmgyanis . Lets just remember Guru

Nanak and his kamaain wale sikhs like Him .

Dhan Guru Nanak Dhan Teri Sikhi

"Kabir jab hum aaye is jagat mein jag hase hum roye ab aisi karni kar chale hum hase jag roye "

wjkk wjkf

bhul chuk maaf

waheguru .........

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brief conversation between a Panjab Radio presenter and Jasvir Singh (Rode)

Dr. Gurdeep Singh Jagbir (Panjab Radio) spoke with Bhai Jasvir Singh about Baba Thakur Singh Ji. Baba Thakur Singh spoke of Baba Jarnail Singh Ji and said that they are alive; and where they live they are in chardi kala.

Baba Thakur Singh Ji informed Jasvir Singh where Jarnail was residing. However when questioned Jasvir Singh remained silent about their whearabouts.

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Very sad to hear of Baba Thakur Singh Ji's charrai.

It is lucky that he passed on information about Baba Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindrawaley's delayed arrival onto Jasvir Singh. We now await for Baba Thakur Singh's words to become true - this should further the propel the termendous seva being carried out by the Sikhs affiliated with 'Dam Dami Taksal' and other Panthic Institutions.

Being in the presence of Baba Thakur Singh, he always came across as a very humble and learned man. He belonged to a great generation that produced a wealth of charismatic individuals.

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take from gursikhijeevan.com


guramukh janam savaar dharageh chaliaa||

Spending this life fruitfully gurmukh goes to the other world.

sachee dharageh jaae sachaa pirr maliaa||

There in the true court (of lord) he gets his true place.

As all of you have already heard Sant Baba Takhur Singh ji has departed for sachkhand. This occurred 6am on Dec 24, 2004 in Sri Amritsar Sahib at Kukhar Hospital after being admitted in a hospital in Sri Hajoor Sahib for one day, Babaji requested that he be taken to Sri Amritsar Sahib. He had saliva buildup, and it was nothing serious as Babaji had been through many larger obstacles and survived.

Ranjit Singh from Calfornia did ishnaan of Babaji at 1:30am. Babaji asked about Baadama vala( A singh who was very close to Babaji who owned a baadam ie. nuts shop) and Ranjit Singh told Babaji he was still in Hajoor Sahib and Babaji replied "does he not know I am here, I wanted to meet him, what is he doing in Hajoor Sahib." Ranjit Singh replied that the Baadama vala was unable to come due to ticket reservations. Babaji further went on and said Sri Hajoor Sahib is going to be destroyed and then rebuilt again. Babaji also made these comments while he was in Hajoor Sahib as well.


Then singhs read bani as usual for Babaji. After that Babaji listened to keertan from Sri Darbar Sahib and asked for parshada but did not eat. Babaji started coughing and the doctors came and told Babaji to take oxygen but Babaji did not agree and at 6am Babaji left this world. Chandarpur and Sukhjeet Singh UK were with Babaji in the room while this was going on, the rest of the singhs were also at the hospital. Sant Baba Takhur Singh then expired at 6am.

Babaji had told some singhs prior that he had decided to go to sachkhand but singhs refused to listen to what Babaji had to say as they were determined on the return of Santji in the presence of Babaji. Babaji told them that Santji is late and that he will return on his own choice. Babaji did not want to wait any longer. For those of you who don't know, Babaji had the choice of leaving as he pleased. During Sant Giani Gurbachan Singhs time, Santji told Babaji to depart with him but Babaji was thinking that he would love to do seva of the singhs. Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh ji told Babaji to come as he wishes. For that reason Babaji had overcome so many critical situations in chardi kala even when doctors had pronounced Babaji dead but this time it is reality. This is a shocking event for many people especially the singhs of the jatha. In Oct 2002 I was in the 5 singhs who did ardas for the chardi kala of Babaji until Santji would return. Many singhs are still in shock especially since the doctors had given Babaji clearance to leave 2 days ago but the singhs told Babaji to get some more rest.


The body is being shown as we speak at Gurdarshan Parkash Mehta in the outer diwan hall. Keertan is being done and sangat has arrived in thousands. The saaskar will take place at 1pm after the ishnaan of the body which will be at 11am on Dec 25, 2004.

All we have are memories now of a saint who spent his whole life reading bani and doing seva. I was fortunate to do darshan of Babaji in March in New York, unfortunately I did not get a chance to do seva with them during their tour in the summer even though singhs called many times to come. I do regret not going but that is all in guru sahibs hukam. Babaji's voice keeps ringing in my head, as I talked to him a couple of weeks ago and he said he is in chardi kala.

I request all the sangat to read extra bani for the chardi kala of the panth in this critical time. 2004 has been a year to remember, gursikh after gursikh has passed away. We are all left in shock going into the New Year. On behalf of DDT Toronto, we will forever remember Babaji and still stand by his words and await the return of Santji.


Jasdev Singh

Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Gatka Akhara

Damdami Taksal Toronto

Jatha Bhindra Mehta

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taken from sikhsangat

Dhan Dhan Guru Shaabaash Hai

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

Sangat jeeo, you can view some of the pictures from Baba Thakur Singh Jees Saskaar at Mehta (Punjab) on this website:


bhul chuk di khima...

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

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Dhumma’s nomination causes split in Damdami Taksal

Varinder Walia

Tribune News Service

Chowk Mehta (Amritsar), December 27

The 300-year-old Sikh seminary — Damdami Taksal — witnessed a split once again following the nomination of Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma (36), a US citizen, as the successor of Baba Thakur Singh, six days before Baba Thakur Singh’s antim ardas.

Baba Dhumma had settled in the USA in early nineties when militancy in Punjab was at its peak.

Baba Ram Singh, a former priest of Golden Temple, however, claimed that he was the “real Jathedar”, as Baba Thakur Singh himself had given him “Dastar” (turban) and nominated him as the 15th Jathedar of the Taksal on June 17 last year in the USA. Baba Ram Singh and family members of Sant Kartar Singh Bhinderanwale (predecessor of Sant Jarnail Bhinderanwale), including Bhai Manjit Singh and Bhai Tarlochan Singh, president All-India Sikh Students Federation, openly supported Baba Ram Singh. They said a parallel antim ardas would be held at Gurshabad Parkash Gurdwara, at Sangrai village, Batala, instead of Chowk Mehta, as they don’t want any confrontation.

The gurdwara would be the parallel headquarters of the breakaway group of the Taksal. The ideological difference between both would be that the breakaway group believed that Sant Bhinderanwale had died in Operation Bluestar, as stated by Akal Takht and the SGPC, while the Taksal (Chowk Mehta) would continue to keep the myth of Baba Thakur Singh that Sant Bhinderanwale was still alive for some more time.

The split in Damdami Taksal has come after 35 years. Earlier, after the death of Sant Gurbachan Singh, his successor Sant Kartar Singh had shifted from the actual headquarters — Bhindera to Chowk Mehta in 1969. Though Sant Mohan Singh was given “Dastar” by the family of Sant Gurbachan Singh, the Chowk Mehta became the mainstream Taksal. Baba Ram Singh and his supporters claim that Gurdwara Gurshabad would become “real headquarters” of Damdami Taksal as in the past.

He showed pictures of Baba Thakur Singh presenting “Dastar” and his signed statement. The eyewitness to this ceremony when “Dastar” was presented to Baba Ram Singh in the USA, including Baba Dharm Singh, Bhai Mukhtiyar Singh and Raagi Sarwan Singh (all from USA) who had specially flown here, said that Baba Thakur Singh had never backed out from his decision. They alleged that certain Taksal leaders, having vested interests, had held Baba Thakur Singh in “captivity” and spread a rumour that he (Bhai Ram Singh) was never nominated as his successor .

The decision to nominate Baba Harnam Singh as successor of Baba Thakur Singh, even before the antim ardas has raised many eyebrows. Sources pointed out that this step had to be taken in the wake of moves of certain lobbies. Baba Ram Singh and his supporters alleged that the “back door” nomination of Baba Harnam Singh had created suspicion in the minds of Sikh Sangat, as no Sikh institution was taken into confidence.

Today, “Dastar” was given to Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma by the “five beloved ones” including Bhai Jaswant Singh, Bhai Mal Singh — both priests of Golden Temple, Bhai Mohkam Singh, Bhai Gurdip Singh and Bhai Gurjit Singh Jagadhri. Bhai Jasbir Singh Rode, a former Jathedar of Akal Takht was also present on the occasion.

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Vaheguru je ka khalsa, vaheguru je ke fateh!!

dont bwlive everything in papers

no ones been given dastar

bhai sahibs only been given a saropa, to take care of taksal

until sant jes returns

and dont worry bout splits, when sant je returns all will be shown as it shud be

bhula chuka maf

Vaheguru je ka khalsa, vaheguru je ke fateh!!

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does that mean i can start drinking and having illicit sex with muslims and eat halal because I promise and with full faith agree infront of the sangat that if sant jarnail singh ji returns I will take amrit from them and be blessed into the fold of khalsa.. until then I ask all those who have faith in his return to prove it by doing the same as me.. :)

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