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Baba Nand Singh Ji vs Maya


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Maya, as you already know is another name of Illusion . We have references from Gurbani indicating that this world is lika an illusion which is not going to stay forever . Maya can also be thought of as a shakti created by Nirankar . After God , Maya is the second powerful shakti . Anything that make us forget God is maya that includes money , property , worldly attachments and so on... Maya also tests or examines the bhagti of God's bhagats , tries to stop them from doing bhagti . As you know to complete a course or get a degree everybody has to pass an examination .

Everybody in this world is engulfed in Maya .

Maya hoye naagni jagat rahi laptaye

Nobody has ever been able to escape from it except a few . Even some of the greatest rishis , munis of their times have lost their bhagti , celibacy due to Maya .

Now i will be describing the encounter of Maya with Baba ji and how He defeated her . And from that day on it never even close to him and used to bow Him from a distance .

Once upon a time , around 1 am in the morning when Baba ji were doing bhagti ,maya took the form of a very beautiful girl and approached him . Due to noise of her ornaments His samadhi broke up and when He saw her , He asked her to go away . Maya started showing her charitras . She was trying her best to illude baba ji and destroy his bhagti but he was already one with Guru Nanak . And those who r one with their guru don't have to fear anything . Baba ji did ardas and asked Guru Nanak to save Him. There was a pond nearby . And it was a wintery night . The outer surface of the pond was frozen . When Baba ji realized that maya is not going to stop her charitras , he went into the pond along with His clothes . Then the girl got semi nude , and Baba ji closed his eyes . In the freezing water baba ji got into smadhi and into the dasam dwar . When all the efforts of maya failed , finally she had to leave . She took form of an old lady , bowed to Baba ji and started singing praises of true gursikhs of Guru Nanak and realizing that every time she had approached a true gursikh or true bhagat she had been defeated always .

In the morning when the sevadars came they found Baba ji standing in the pond . Baba ji's body was freezed . They took out his body , provided him warmth . After some time baba ji lowered his swaaas from dasam dwar andnarrated them the whole incident . Everyone was saying Dhan Baba ji dhan baba ji because no one has been able to escape the treacherous and

crafty maya except true gursikh brahmgyanis and pooran bhagats like Kabir ji .

waheguru waheguru....

Dhan Baba Nand Singh ji ....

bhul chuk maaf

wjkk wjkf

:bow: :bow:

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