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Ive been thinking about the idea of 4 Jugs. Is it really the true thing about having 4 different Jugs? Or can each Jug be on Earth at the same time?

I believe a sikh should always maybe act as if he/she is in Kuljug all the time? But try to over come it. I dunno what you people think?

Was there really a time were people were in Satjug? Where all people lived as one?

Guru Ji said that the Khalsa be here forever?

Im starting to believe that Guru Ji used different Jugs in a poetic way?

I dunno maybe im wrong? Can anyone help me?

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Read Japji and it tells you of the diferent Khands.. The four jugs can be dates however I see them as states of conciousness..

Kaljug - No higher concious or very little. Blind and dumb to any kind of spiritual conciousness

TretaJug - Three is the number of manifestation (bhrma vishnu shiv) so hats the higher state where you see a manifest world and have conciousness which is governed by the manifest and physical exeriences (rehat, institutionalised religions etc etc)

DuaparJug - Duality in there is shiv and shakti - it is the unmanifest linked to the manifest it involves just those two states of nirgun and saugun

Satjug - truth -- well if i could type what that was lol, then it would be limited to that discription. who knows what the hell that jug is but its beyond everything and still beyond that.. and beyond that some more and a bit more then that.. etc etc etc .. lol

thats one of my thoughts on the whole jug thing..

But when i saw the title to this post i thought it was about JUGS.. lol nm.. me and my kaljug mind.. :P

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was there anyone who actually read the title & thought of something else?

I was just about to get ready to bring my naziness in this thread to edit an topic tittle and its contents...LOL...good thing i read it otherwise would have pissed people off :P:LOL: ...its funny how punjabi in english can cause soo much confusion :?

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damn... the only reason i opened this thread was after i read jugs... was there anyone who actually read the title & thought of something else?

All ou guys should be ashamed. Rupz was asking a serious question about Jugs and all you guys could think of was hooters.

Well Rupz, you keep talking about Jugs. And as long as you do, I'm happy.

Were some Jugs bigger than others, or were they all the same?

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