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~~~Don't be afraid, it will all be done~~~


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Don't be afraid, it will all be done. It will turn out right. Better than you expected. All it will take of you is to pray to Waheguru.

Pray to Him the way you would speak to your best friend, the one you love the most in the world. Exactly as you would speak to your best friend, speak to Waheguru. Tell Him everything. Tell Him you can't do anymore. Tell Him that you will do something the moment He tells you what is to be done. Then do it. ACT ON THE BLESSING.

I assure you that if you are in this kind of simple, small and sincere prayer, your prayer will be heard. Not answered. Heard. Waheguru will answer it in His way.

When you pray, pray quietly, without elaborate externals. You are talking to your best friend. Bow your head down. Ask that His hand bless it. Get up. Fold your hands in thanks for the blessings you will receive. And then wait till you receive them.

Do not go onto another prayer for another thing; when you are so deeply wounded and when your mind is consumed by one wish, give Waheguru dignity by waiting upon Him while He attends to that one wish. Offer one flower if you have to, as a token of what you are seeking. Then do the final, most important thing to close the prayer.

Say: Your will is my will. Then: embrace the envelope that comes from Him; it is handwritten in Heaven. We very often complicate things. Sachkhand is home we are writing to when we pray. Your parents always reply to you; so too will Waheguru

Human beings complicate things, confuse themselves and create chaos. Waheguru is a lovely . Pray with the faith you prayed when you were a child. Ask simply. Wait with joy. That's the easy part. I want to tell you what it will take on your part.

You must be very true to yourself. You must respect yourself. You must honour yourself. You must be a very good person. You must honour Waheguru. Here's how: let there be no element of negativity in your Life. If you are working in a place where you are being mistreated, voice it.

If you are in a relationship where you are not being valued, ask that you be treated the way Waheguru expects you to be treated. A long time ago, my friend Shernaaz Engineer said: "when you are in a relationship with someone who doesn't recognize you or your love, leave. However much you love, leave.

Because if true love is not recognized, nothing later on ever will be. Treat yourself exceptionally well, you have Waheguru treating you that way; why should any person have the right to violate Waheguru's dignity bestowed on you?

Start anew this weekend. I urge you to not be afraid; Waheguru, if you allow Him, will fill your Life up with all that He has handwritten in heaven. He will; He just needs an empty page.

Ask only Waheguru. Then, accept Waheguru's. Waheguru sees things we can't. Trust, please


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