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will other realms be proven by science one day


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u all know that scientists are getting pretty smart these days cloning things and stuff...so will they discover other realms one day?

Guru Nanak Dev Nirankar said that there are limitless realms(bhramands) in the whole universe ..he talks about this in japji sahib.

If Guru Avtar who is nirankar in sargun saroop saying that...no sceintist can ever ever ever found out the exact numbers ...even if they reincarnate zillion times to resume the same task of finding exact numbers of realms. Because it's akaal purkh(Nirankar) ki rachna(creation)..and even Guru Maharaj himself don't under-estimate creation of Vahiguroo even though they are merged with vahiguroo and Guru Maharaj is vahiguroo in sargun saroop.

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