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Veg Receipes


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Receipe 1.

Apple Rabri....

Apples 3 or 4 ......grated(peel the skin off)

Sugar to taste

Milk ....1 litre....

Pista(chopped to small pieces)

Badam(chopped to small pieces)



(grind the Illachi to powder )


Put the milk on stove....in a patila...or a open mouthed vessel....heat it ...till its half of its original contents....keep stirring else it wud stick to the base of patila....

Add sugar in the end and stir it well....Add the grated apple and keep stirring....While serving garnish with Badaam,Pista,Kishmish and Illachi powder.

Can serve chilled and warm whichever way u prefer.....

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Eggless Cake

Maida 1 cup

concentrated and sweetened milk (eg. milkmaid) 1 tin

Ground Sugar (acco to taste)

milk (as required)

cream(malai) 1 cup

vanilla essence (4 to 5 drops)

Cherries or dry fruit...

baking powder 1 tbsp

add the baking powder to the maida and sieve the mixture thro a sieve...3 or 4 times....


In a big vessel...put some malai and milk maid and stir them for abt 5 to 10 mins....till they become one mixture....then add maida slowly and stir...

then add little maida...again stir....repeat till whole of the maida is done...

add vanilla essesence and stir....roll the dry fruit in maida and add it the mixture....pre heat the oven for 5 mins then put the mixture in the aluminium mould (greased with ghee/oil) and then let the cake bake for 30 to 25 mins :)

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sat sri akal

well here is my contribution to the interesting topic started by googly kaur jee

Karha Parshad


Aatta / wheat 200 gms ( or 1-1/2 katori_)

sugar 1 katori or half glass or 125 gms

water 584 ml or more

desi ghee 550 mg or 20-15 big tablespoons or more (acc to taste)

dry fruits (optional)


1 kadhai (round iron vessel / steel round dish )

1 big frying pan

2 karchis ( 2 stirrer)


first put desi ghee in the kadhai .Heat it .

then add atta/wheat ,

keep stirring it till it gets little brown 7-8 minutes

in the mean while add water in the frying pan and add sugar and heat it(on gas or fire) .

water and sugar will together get converted to medium thick solvent (chaashni )(within 5 minutes)

now add chaashni to the light brown mixture in the kardhai .

mix it well and heat it for 4 minutes and let the chaashni get full absorbed in the mixture

the karha is ready .

karha is called so because it is prepared in traditional punjabi dish known as kardhai

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Shimla Mirch n Cheese

1. Capsicum 4

2. Onions 3 medium size

3. Cheese(Paneer) Chopped into 1*1 cubes

4.hari mirch(finely chopped)

5.Adrak,Lasan[Ginger,Garlic] (chopped finely)

6.tomatoes 1 (optional)blended

7.Salt (to taste)

8.haldi (half to one tbsp)



In a karahi...open mouthed vessel....add some gheo/oil shallow fry the capsicum...then shallow fry the onion....(both separately)

now in another vessel add some gheo/oil and add lasan ,adrak,fry till brown....add the blended half tomato...stir till a dry paste is formed....add salt,pepper,haldi and hari mirch....mix well.....add the fried onions and capsicum.....blend well....cover for a few minutes and let it cook...

In the end add paneer cubes....sprinkle some dried methi over for good flavour

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Ghiya ....medium size half (Grate it)


peel off the outer skin....Boil grated ghiya....drain the water through a sieve....(or can be used guno atta to preserve the nutrients) ....Blend the curd till smooth....add the boiled ghiya....add salt,pepper to taste....

Aaloo raita...

Boil Aaloos

Chop them to small pieces....add to smoothed curd....add salt,pepper to taste....

Pyaaz tamatar da raita

Onions chopped tiny winy

tamtars smooth chopped tiny winy

add to smoothed curd ....add salt,pepper to taste....u can also add...coriander .....

Boondi da raita is slow ullu jeha....no need to add that.....

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Green Chutney


dhania (corriander) 350 mg

pudina (mint) 50 mg

onion 2

tomatoes 1

green chillies 2-3

salt to taste 1 tsp

red chilli powder 1/2 tsp

amchhoor 1/2 tsp

anardana 1/2 tsp

chat masala 1/2 tsp


first wash dhania and pudina in water

put chopeed and washed dhania , pudina , chopped onions , chopped tomatoes , chopped green chillies, salt , amchor,anardana, chat masala , red chilli powder in a mixie/blender/grinder

blend it to a paste

chutney is ready. chutney serves good when chilled

green chutney can be mixed with water/ curd for use on the same day .

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Paneer Tamatam

....5 Big and Shiny tomatoes(pureed ....)

.....Ginger and lasan paste

....Coriander leaves

....Salt,pepper,mirch(acco. to taste)

....Paneer(cubes cut in 1*1 inches


Pour some cooking oil in a karahi add....ginger and lasan paste ...stir fry for a while till its brown...add the tomato puree...and cover it let it cook for a while...then add salt,pepper and mirch,garam masala....cover it ,cook again for 5 mins....add the paneer cubes in the end...

ready :D

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Food for Shaka Hari People.

Pitta Bread White or Brown.

Pitta Bread... Cheese... Random Toppings (Veg or Non-Veg..tables)

Stick in Grill..

Watch for few mins till Cheese *bubble bubble*. (technical terms)

pull out food.. Place burnt hand under cold running water.... try eating with good hand... find out food still hot... drop food....

Start again...


You can also make Pitta bread with Soya (Soya Chunks look similar to mince (lamb) for those that didnt know what soya is)...

Heat Pitta Bread, till it opens up like roti on the thava, anyways, cut using sharp instrument known as a knife, place ample amounts of Butter so you can die of CHD, although this is not recommended, but tastes tasty tasty (another technical term).. Cut salad using another clean sharp instument, NOTE! keep sharp instruments away from small children and Crazy Singh's....

Place all the Soya (stuff that looks like mince) and Salad (salad is usually vegi food) in pitta bread... Cut in Half...

Share with loved one..

Then share wriggles extra...

Bye Bye.

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Aloo(potato) tikki

Boiled Aloo 3 to 4 ....peel the skin of potatoes

Bread 2 to 3 slices.....

Salt,Pepper,Amchoor,Red Chilli powder (acco. to preference,taste)



Mash the Aloos well and then crush the bread slices...mix them well...like knead them....like u knead dough add salt n spices...mix real well....add coriander....make round balls...and flatten them....shallow fry them( on a tava...or sauce pan wid cooking oil...) till brown....serve wid chutney... :D

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