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Can we relate Sikhi wid Reiki ?


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Reiki, from what i understand, is based on the principle that one can be a channel for the flow of energy (Chi or Qi aka life-force) that is constantly moving through the universe. Sometimes crystals are used to conduct this energy. It can be medically used as a non invasive version of acupuncture (which is the use of needles to control the flow of Chi/Qi around the meridians in the body).

How does it relate to Sikhi? Well, this is just what i think from what little knowledge that i have..

I've been told that Naam resonates throughout the universe, and what we're trying to do through Bhagti/Simran etc is to tune ourselves into that frequency so that we can conduct that energy, be at one with it (just like a radio set picking up a given station).

Now if that is the case, then it stands to reason that we can conduct other types of energy. It has long been known that through the study of Tai Chi and Qi Gong people have learned to manipulate the flow of Qi/Chi energy both internally and externally.

So do the two relate? Well, Simran is to do with conducting energy to elevate our conscious mind, and Reiki and these other arts are to do with conducting energy for medical/health purposes. So i guess there are some parallels. But i cant think of anything deeper than that at the moment.

Was there something specific that you are thinking abt?

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Well just that I have done 2 levels of Reiki...and from the reiki master I did she tells me ,u can use it to fulfill the material desires by the use of certain crystals as u said...and some symbols....But ...like in Hinduism they give certain stones to change luck n stuff...so when it comes to changing the luck using crystals and stones....thats not right according to Sikhi right....so, shd I continue with practising Reiki or stop....if I wish to chak Amrit in near future?????

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Remember all paths to seek the source are at your disposal. 100 out of a 1000 seek the path and only 1 reaches it. Why do the 100 not reach it, well primary reason is that along the path there are many distraction and almost all of those 99 get caught in it. As does happen with Yogis that obtain Ridhias and Sidhias. One has to keep Aim at the objective/destination, not at the gifts or side carts that are presented while traveling.

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Hmmm... Well, the way i see it, and this is purely my own opinion, there isnt really anything wrong with the use of crystals and gems etc as they conduct different frequencies of energy and can help the health and state of mind in various ways (as you're finding with Reiki).

I would personally say that there isnt anything wrong with using or wearing crystals etc, especially in the medical context that you mentioned. To discount something like this out of hand would be to discount a great many other related things (for example, the concept of Qi/Chi which is, from my very limited understanding, central to the concepts behind chinese medicine).

I dont beleive that you're doing anything contrary to what our Gurus taught. You're learning new skills and looking after your health. You wouldnt quit learning Yoga to become Amritdhaari... nor would you quit Tai Chi, or Qi Gung... So why quit Reiki?

As for wether you would wear something because you beleive it would have a positive impact on your life or help alleviate some kind of defficiency or sufferring... well, thats a very personal and individual thing. Its not a decision someone can make for you. As long as you can see things in terms of logical reasoning, i dont see why there should be a problem.

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