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Jot Ghee

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Just a question for the sangat:

What is the reason behind lighting a ghee lamp and dhoof usually at rehraas time or during and akhand paat?

Karamjeet and NEO can you maybe fill us in on the purpose as far as you have heard from Nanaksar and Rara Sahib.

I know for the SGPC has banned it in there maryada. But every SGPC run gurdwara I have been to lights them? Even in Harmander Sahib there are always 2 going all the time.

Please respond with all the knowledge you have on this subject. Thanks.

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i can give you the rara Sahib view, the Jot is Lighted for shaheed singh Para, in english, protection for the path by shahhed singhs to make sure it is finished properly. The sgpc havent got 2 brain cells between them and all they do, pollute sikhi!! if you have any other questions, dont hesitate to ask



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Thanks for the reply. Thats great info. I really appreciate it. Did the Mahapurks ever mention this in there maryada? I have not been able to find any info on the Rara Sahib maryada. Can you suggest any books?

Do they light it everyday at Rara Sahib like during raihraas etc?

Karamjeet/NEO and others..... where are you guys.....please add to this thread with the info you have.

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I read in Anand Chamatkar , that desi ghee jot is lit to welcome Guru Maharaj , to represent happiness and prosperity . It adds to the purity or pavitarta of the room in which the akhand path sahib is being conducted .

I have also heard from some nanaksar pathis that it is also used for " pehra " or "rakhi " ( protection or guarding ) or " shaheedi pehra "( done by shaheed singhs ) .

whenever an akhand path sahib with true maryada is done , shaheed singhs reside there .

however in this age of kalyug , its impossible to conduct an akhand path sahib with full maryada except under very rare conditions when its done under the supervision of Mahapurakhs like Baba Nand Singh Ji .

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An Akhand Path Sahib has so much shakti that even if a dead person is lying on the ground and an ardas is done for him he can wake up instantly and come to life . But it happens only when it is done with full maryada as was mentioned or brought by Baba Nand Singh Ji ( this maryada was mentioned in the various granths and literature that were lost during wars written by Guru Gobind Singh ji . one such granth was called mukat marg in which the maryada of sampat paths was mentioned .)

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Regarding the practicality, if the electricity vanishes, at least there's light for the reader to continue the prayers.

Fumes from ghee lamps keeps mosquitos and flies away, and prevents insects such as scorpions from getting too close, and also keeps snakes at bay.

Fire itself is the pinacle of cleansing forces, as such, it represents the ultimate purity in creation. Something to inspire one to attain internal purity. Psychologically, fire/candlelight is very calming to the soul, thats why almost every faith/spiritual tradition utilises this influence to aid meditation and focus.

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