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Students of Shastarvidiya

Maha Singh

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Vaheguroo ji ka Khalsa Vaheguroo ji ki Fateh

It seems as there are allot of students of Shastarvidiya as taught by Nihang Niddar Singh posting on this forum, ive checked through the forum and there doesnt seem to be a thread dedicated to the actual vidiya, so im starting this one 8)

So to get started a few questions for anyone who does practise Shastarvidiya at the Baba Darbara Singh Akhara

1 - What Akhara do you train at?

2 - How long have you been training?

3 - What are your views on the vidiya?

4 - Have you ever had to use the vidiya in a real life situation? How well did it serve you?

That should be enough to get the thread going, please add any more if you wish.

Please Note: Lets not turn this into a Jatha bashing thread that most turn into, nor is it a thread about Nihang ideologies (Chatka, Shaheedi Degh etc), its about the fighting art only.

Vaheguroo ji ka Khalsa Vaheguroo ji ki Fateh

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1- I do participate in the liecsta one

2- How long, errmmmm. bout 3-4 months.

3- Tha vidiya is uber, ja

4- Never had to use it as of yet, although i do use it on rakash many a time, wooooooopassss

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What you learn at the Sanatan Sikh Shastar Vidiya Akharas is 'Savya Raksha' (self-defence). The 'Jung Di Vidiya' (full combat art) is taught only at Wolverhampton.

With regard to your note, Nihang ideology is not taught at any of the self-defence Akharas, although history and traditions that are directly related to techniques are spoken of occasionally.

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