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Sant baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib and Sangata


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Once Sant baba isher singh ji sitting down in the sangat for bachan billas. They were about 40 some sangat. One mata ji/biba ji got up and ask sant ji to bless her with puttar di dat and said " I been doing seva for 12 some years" ..How come you are not blessing me. Sant Ji got in Jalal and said "Mata you been doing seva of Guru ghar for 12 yrs" and you haven't bother to look at your atmik jeevan ..you are still worried about getting a son and your mind is still in the materliastic things". Sant Ji told the sangat, do you guys even know your previous lifes. Sangat replied, we don't know anything.

Sant ji then asked everyone to close their eyes and recite Moolmantar da patt for few minutes. Everyone close their eyes and did mool mantar for few minutes. After the patt, everyone start crying and start telling the hardships they went through in the previous lifes/jaun..how they were tormented by jamdoots. That mata ji who wanted a puttar di daat was shocked and forgotten about everything, every habit, desire... then asked sant maharaj ji to give her naam di daat.

Sant Ji then asked whoever is not amritdhari get up..few people got up including mata ji and got naam di daat after taking amrit.

Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Nirankar

Dhan Dhan his bhagats. :D

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