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Four types of Bani leading to Anhad Shabad

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source: Ishwar Amolak Lal

1. Baikri Bani- When one recites naam with javan(tongue), hout(lips), khaieyal(thoughts) that is called Baikari Bani.

2. Madhma Bani- When one recites naam in Kant(throat) without moving lips...just with the thoughts is called Madhma Bani.

3. Pasanti Bani- When one recites naam in hirda(heart).

4. Para Bani- When one recites naam in Nabhi(Navel) without moving tongue and with the thoughts.

Above all these 4 stages of bani is called Anhad Shabad. Simran happens with stoping the birthi/dhyaan in third eye chakar which is located between two eyes then above that is place of Trikurti and then above that there is Dasam Dwara where there is soo much light(roshani) and where anhad dhuni is playing..it can't be described only feeling ..then above dasam dwara there is sorat sachkhand where this atam gets merged and take nivas.

Abhyasi of Surat Shabad with the help of surat gained these khands.. with the help of Vahiguroo Simran surat travels through many chakars and eventually returns to the final destination. These many chakras are in human body..on them one stops their surat(concentration) and moves up to the final destination.

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