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Rehras Length??

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When I do Rehras it ends with "Mahala 5" beginning "Rakhe rakhanhar ap ubarian", and thats how ive always understood it to be, as thats how my parents have done it, how ive heard it at the Gurdwaras and how it is in my Gutkas.

But recently ive seen some people end it short with the Mundawani and the salok Mahala 5 beginning "tera kita jato nahi", which means they dont do the Pauree, salok Mahala 5 and Mahala 5.

Why is there this variation?


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Many variations exist in the Rehras Sahib and personally having looked into this, I really have no issue with it, they are due to, to borrow the phrase, "time, space and circumstance".

The main variations one will find is the Taksal Sampuran Rehras, the Nanaksar Gutka Rehras and the Khalsa Sundar Gutka (Nihang Singh) Rehras.

The present day version endorsed by the SGPC is shorter than all of the above, yet longer than some other versions available in old printed Gutkas.

Rehras, from what I have been able to gather, is a bani that was traditionally hardly ever written down and the general expansion of the Paath occurred as Guru Sahib and various Gursikhs travelled and expanded upon it.

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