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Sarmad Fakir encounter with Auranzeb.


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source: divan of sarmad fakir.

Sarmad Fakir was very popular fakir in Islam. He was matyr by fascist Auranzeb.

Here is one of sakhi his encounter with Auranzeb sevak.

According to shariah law, one have to cover their head and cover their body fully all the time. Sarmad fakir was walking down one of the muslim went to Auranzeb and told him you can't control your own people..how can you control the whole india? Auranzeb asked him, what happened? He replied there is this fakir sarmad...he is careless(bai parvah) and doesn't follow shariah law. Auranzeb went to sort out this issue.

Auranzeb was on the elephant. He stopped sarmad fakir and asked him "Fakir ji, you don't have topi or turban on your head and even your body is not covered shariah law doesn't allow that.

Fakir replied with bei parvah tone, are you blind?? can't you see? My khula(topi) has four colors and if one have controlled all the desires, vices..he doesn't need to wear any clothes. His stage is shant/his mind in the peace. Auranzeb responded with humour and said " you don't even have ripped cloth on your head...what colors you have on your topi"?? Fakir responded with calmness..blind people can't say.

I have four colors:

1. Tarakh Duniya : Gave up all the duniya/wordly/materialstic things.

2. Tarakh Ukbah: Gave up all the heaven paradise, different levels of heaven.

3: Tarakh Mullah: Gave up the desire of meeting Allah. Because once you have met him even that desire goes shant.

4. Tarakh- Tarakh Gave up khudi/Ego. Khudi has three layers:

Tamasi Khudi/Tamogani- Consider himself/herself deh(body)..forgotten about the atma and accept the habits of deh(body) which effect atma.

Rajshi Khudi/Rajo Guni - Consider themselves beautiful, successful, confident, smart, intelligent etc.

Shanti Khudi/SatoGuni- Consider themselves saints, bhagat, fakir, pagamvar.

One who has killed all these three types of khudi can say that I have tyag da tyag/tarakh tarakh.

After hearing this auranzeb jailed sarmad fakir. I ll post what happens in the jail in a bit.

Vah Ji Vahi this sakhi is beautiful..gained lot from it ... :D

Anand hiiiiiiii Anand :D

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Baba Sarmad ji, to my mind one of the most interesting and controversial Sufis I've come across - very openly gay being madly in love with a hindu boy, and had thousands of followers during his lifetime. He stopped wearing clothes after the boy's parents tried to stop the two being together (in the Sindh), later they upped and left and moved to Delhi (if I remember correctly).

Later in his life when he was being tried under Islamic law for among other things roaming naked, he was asked if he even knew the shahadah, to which he replied 'La Illah' repeatedly. This was the final insult for the judges who had him executed. The reasoning behind this was that for him experientially he had yet to know oneness with Allah, hence was not able to finish the shahadah. His samadh is near the Jami Masjid near Chandi Chowk in Delhi.

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According to that traditional story, then yes, it was in his shahid that he became brahmleen...but then you get a lot of little stories like this. I prefer to think that he was taunting the judge to try and break him out of his way of thinking. He supposedly also retorted when asked if by the judge if he felt no shame knowing that the shari'a requires him to wear clothes, 'only those who have something to hide (shame) cover themselves - you are the one who is shameless'

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