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We contacted sewadars of sikhnet to bring some change in the moderators of Youth Forum but we were told to open a new website and have our own youth forum instead of complaining.

LoL !! Sikhnet.com is wonderful & very rightly said "open your own forums." ... and 'inspired' by sikhnet.com's rigid moderation poilicy, i have already setup a Sikh Interfaith Forum at SPN open to people from all world religious backgrounds coming under one stage and exploring their philosophies...

Sorry, did not want to reply but could not resist my temptation but one thing intrigues me most is that sikhnet.com is perhaps a site where rehat maryada is followed quite strictly so to make a hue & cry of one or two isolated cases does not seem to be justified.

Anayways, as my dear friend Neo Singh ji would agree moderation is a double edged sword, a thankless job... you can never keep everybody happy. :)

Best Regards

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