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baba deep singh


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Waaj khalsa........

easy every 1, first time i eva properly chekd dis website out, relli interesting, im in lesson at da moment so gnna hav 2 be short an sweet. I have red sum arguments as to why singhs r allowed to eat meat which kinda makes sense, but i also herd strictly in times of the jang when singhs where in the heat of the jungle at war that they wud take madra (not sure if dats spelt right but i think it means alcohol and opeum mixed together) to syke u up so if u loose ur arm get shot etc it will keep u goin) which kinda makes sense, but i was always told, upon doing naam abiyaaas u dnt need no stimilants for example baba deep singhs hed came off he still faught when he wasnt even supposed to be alive. what is a response to this, im gettin confused in my lesson and in this little subject.

nuff respect every 1

Waaj fathe!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

(if ive offended ne 1 - its only a forum calm ureself)

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I would recommend people look to the Sooraj Parkash Granth for an earlier account of Baba Deep Singh's Shaheedi for further information surrounding the events and actual act of matyrdom.

As per the use of stimulants, yes it is true that many people, through the use of techniques and other methodologies such as "Naam Abhyas" or Yogic practices (many such examples have been seen in the last 100 years) have managed to harness control over aspects such as pain sensors, need for food, need for clothing etc etc, of course from a Sikh perspective, we cannot rule out also that many have acquired this via "Gur Kirpa".

This much said, let us also come down to base-reality were many of us still function, where we are not BhramGyanis such that "Bhramgyani bhojan gyan" etc etc can be literally applied to us, if this were the case, then those who argue that stimulants are a no-no no matter what the situation, then why bother to take medicines (whether herbal or chemical) when "sarab rog ka aukad naam"...why do we even bother to register with Doctors and visit them?

The use of alcohol and other stimulants during warfare is well known throughout all cultures when it comes to the healing and repair or for matters such as amputation. That said, let's once again come down to reality in that these were used when modern medical supplies were not available, now that they are, surely it would make more sense to learn about them and incorporate them into your training as well.

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