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The Cattle Grazer

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For some time again Guru Nanak was free to do what he pleased. But his father did not like this. He said to his wife, 'Our only son is wasting his time. He does not do anything useful. He must make better use of his time. He must be made to do something good and useful. Let us make him graze the cattle.'

Mata Tripta replied, 'That is a good idea. Let us make him a cattle-grazer. He loves to walk in the forest. As a cattle-grazer, he can spend his day in the forest. He will be doing something useful at the same time.'

Mehta Kalu told his son what he wanted to do. Guru Nanak readily agreed to obey his father. He became a cattle-grazer. Every morning he took his father's cattle into the forest. He looked after them with great care. He took them to places where there was plenty of good green grass. All the time Guru Nanak kept his mind fixed on God.

At noon he took the cattle to a grove of shady trees. The cattle rested there during the hot after-noon. Guru Nanak sat near them in silence. He kept thinking of God. Sometimes he lay down on the soft, green grass and went to sleep.

One day he sat under a tree to watch the grazing cattle. He began to think of God. He soon forgot all about the cattle. His mind was totally occupied with thoughts of God. The cattle went on grazing as they liked. They went into a farmer's field. There was a good green crop in that field. They liked it very much. They had a hearty meal.

The farmer saw the cattle destroying his crop. He got angry. He went running to that place. He drove the cattle out of his field. He scared them to the shady tree under which Guru Nanak sat thinking of God. He shook him by the shoulder. He spoke very angrily to him. Guru Nanak kept quiet and cool.

The farmer then went to Rai Bular. He said to him, 'Sir, Mehta Kalu's cattle have eaten up my good green crop. His son allowed them to enter my field. He slept while the cattle ate my crop. I have suffered a heavy loss. I am a very poor man. Kindly order my loss to be made good. Order Mehta Kalu to pay or my loss.'

Rai Bular sent for Mehta Kalu. He also sent for Guru Nanak. He told them the farmer's story. He told Mehta Kalu to pay for the farmer's loss.

Mehta Kalu was very sad to hear this. He was angry with his son. He spoke harsh words to him. Guru Nanak kept cool and quiet. Then Guru Nanak said to Rai Bular, 'Please send some body to see the field. Let him see what damage has been done by my cattle. Then tell us how much to pay.'

Rai Bular sent one of his men to the field. The farmer went with him. The two soon reached the field. The crop was perfectly all right.

None of it had been eaten up. The farmer was filled with wonder.

The two went back to Rai Bular. The man said to him. 'Sir, the farmer has told a lie. His crop is all right. No damage has been done.'

The farmer said, 'Great Sir, I did not tell a lie. I spoke the truth. The cattle did eat up my crop. But now it is all right. Now, it is even greener and better than before. I don't know how it has happened.'

Rai Bular said, 'Our Nanak loves God. He always keeps thinking of Him. God loves him. God has shown his love for Nanak. He has made the crop green and whole again. I bow my head before him. He is a great one. Mehta Kalu, be kind to him at all times. If he causes you any loss, I shall make it good to you.'

A Gurdwara was later built on the field. It is called Kiara Sahib or the Sacred Field.

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