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Sant Jawala Singh Milap with Sant Aya Singh Ji Hotimardhan


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Sant Jawala Singh Milap with Sant Aya Singh Ji Hotimardhan

Sant baba Jawala Singh Ji was part of 34 Regiment and there were sikhs in 14, 24, 34, 36, 45, 47 regiments. All the paltans in Rawalpindi were linked with Hotimardan. The subedar(head) of 34 regiment with his team went to see Sant baba Aya Singh Ji hotimardhan. When subedar and his team arrived at the hotimardan to get darshan of baba Ji. Sant baba Aya Singh Ji called Sant baba jawala singh in the Hazoori out of many serving sikhs within in 34 Regiment. Sant baba Jawala Singh Ji went up to baba ji and bow down on sant baba aya singh ji Charan. On sunday, when 34 regiment team wanted to go team. Sant baba Aya Singh Ji asked subedar(head) of that team to bring Sant baba Jawala Singh Ji next week with him. Upon hearing Amrit Bachan of Sant baba Aya Singh Ji, subedar was shocked and later told this to Sant baba Jawala Singh ji .

When 34 regiment subedar and Baba Jawala Singh Ji went again next week. Subedar asked Baba Jawala Singh Ji to go infront and pay his respect to Sant baba aya singh ji. Sant baba Jawala Singh Ji bowed down on baba ji's charan. It was such a blissful expereince that he didn't even realize to take his head off from Baba Aya Singh Charan..

Sant baba aya singh ji then picked up Baba Jawala Singh and baba jawala singh had tears in his eyes. There was this unexplained attachment baba jawala singh ji had towards baba aya singh ji. Baba Ji told baba jawala singh ji to get up in the Amrit vela and come to him.

Sant baba Jawala Singh ji couldn't sleep at night and was very excited. Baba ji took the shower at the well and at 4 am, with subedar went straight to the dera while reciting

"Mith Bolara Ji, Har Sajan Swami Mora" ||

Baba Aya Singh Ji was in "Sat Chit Anand Avasta and was completely leen(merged) in Nirvkalap Samadhi".

Sant baba Jawala Singh went inside and did "Daunduat Bandhana". Baba Aya Singh looked at sant ji with Amrit Ras and looked into his eys and asked "Putar A gaye Ho?" replied Sant Ji , "Ha Pitta Ji ". The way Ram Chandar Ji sat down close to Guru Vishit Ji just like that Baba Aya Singh took Baba Jawala Singh to the side and bring forward fruit of lifetimes meditation and rekinde his passion.

Baba Aya Singh Ji gave Baba Jawala Singh ji recogniation of top student and gave divine sermons, gave him all the techniques to do naam abhayas(meditation). Baba Aya Singh Ji put his hand on Baba Jawala Singh Ji and unveiled 5 types of kosh(vices) and took his atma and leen with Bhram. Baba Aya Singh with his one look itself took all the vices from Baba Jawala Singh Ji. The blessing were so powerful that much acculamated flith and karams were gone out and 18 Sidhiyas and Nuo Nidhiyas were after Baba Jawala Singh Ji. Now Baba Aya Singh ji made sant ji just like him. He made him from glass to gold. Baba Jawala Singh Ji realized that "Jo bhranda suhi pind" the outer creation of world was inside the body.

Baba Aya Singh Ji gave Sant ji five bachans-

1 Swas- Swas Simran

2. Ahankar birthi kaddi accept nahi karni (never accept pride/egoistical thoughts).

3. Attend sangat of Mahapursh and Ascetics

4. Don't beg from anybody.

5. Leave the regiment his work (This wouldn't apply to us, unless we have good karams).

Now baba jawala singh ji became puran Sant. Baba Aya singh ji blessed him fully.

Once baba jawala singh ji got premission from murshid to go to the river for meditation. Baba Ji took off all his clothes and sat day and night in meditation. When the time came for duty of his job and subedar did head count in his team. Baba Jawala Singh Ji was missing. Subedar asked baba aya singh ji, where is he?. Baba Aya Singh Ji told him to look around near the river.. Subedar went to see him and found him in the samadhi with no clothes on. Subedar went back to baba aya singh ji and told he is in samadhi. Baba Aya singh ji told subedar to whisper in his ears that i called him. Baba Jawala Singh ji wore his clothes and hurry went to baba aya singh ji.

Baba Aya Singh ji asked baba jawala singh ji, why you were sitting naked? Baba Jawala Singh Ji replied, these clothes which will be replaced eventually and you told me not to beg.. Baba Aya singh told him that vahiguroo will do kirpa. Baba Aya singh asked baba jawala singh to sit outside of the regiment and meditatie. Baba Jawala Singh said there is a risk of those dangerous pathans and evil souls and Baba Aya Singh Ji said not one person, evil soul will come towars you and touch you. Baba Aya Singh Ji asked subedar that Baba Jawala Singh shouldnt have to stay in line like the team members and subedar said , "Satbachan".

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refererence: The Radiance of complete journey to Akaal Purkh

chapter- Sant baba Aiya Singh Hoti Mardan giving divine sermons( on love) to Sant baba jawala Singh Ji.

What is love?

Love: Love is the divine law. It will win where reason fails.

God is love and love is God.

It is to surrender one's self to the beloved and giving away own heart and moving like a bewildered person. If you want to know about love, then ask love itself. Do not ask anybody else, he will not answer !. Only love knows how to describe itself lovely. It will explain pretty well what it is. True love means to give up possession or self. Until ego is renounced no one can find that path of love. Cleanse your heart, like a mirror(glass) clear and simple. So long heart has imprints of lust one cannot see the face of love. Love gives life to humans, true love negates greed, Kabir sahib says: Everybody talks about love, yet no one expereinces love. Only such a person knows love, as remains, imbided in it day and night. If love came and gone, everybody saw it but if one cries now then laughs next moment, it is not love.

Shalok Mohalla 4 (p-301)

My body and mind are ever imbued with my lord's love,

Be though merciful, O god, that I Abide in Guru's peace. (1)

God's love grants such a high vision that to even a helpless that he does not care about the kings(Master of corwn) and throne, lover weaves gorgeous clothes like attish and kim khwab with the blood of his heart and spreads under the feet of his beloved. Only lover can help someone to reach God's court and attaining to such a position is real ascention to God's place(Heaven). If you want to read the true story of ascention of love then look at the face of some true lover. From his face, one can have the glimplse of love. In love, Gardens of happiness bloom in heart's blood. Lovers are always absorbed in God's love. On this path several mansoors turn down worldy honours and choose to kiss the crucifixion instead. How can one gain the wealth of divine love? Without guide's instruction it is not possible. Only some one with large heart can win this with God's grace. How to recognise love? If you find someone lost in despair and disheartned he is deviod of love. He does not belong to the realm of love. Even though studded with thorns, a lover is always happy like some body in garden in spring. Find not such a one lonely because he is always in God's embrace. Should I offer Nimaz (Muslim prayer) or look in your way? How can I visit kahba (God's place in holy mecca)

Bulleh shah

The Nimaz of memories lie in bowing down before God and lovers Nimaz in forgetting one's body.

Ablution of memories is in washing hands and feet but lover's ablution is washing hands off the world. Unless you take your hands off the worldy tempations do not remember God because without Wuzzo, Nimaz is not acceptable in Islamic Code(Shria).

Having delivered such lovely sermon, sahib siri baba aiya singh ji hoti mardan waley threw glance towards the sipahi(jawala singh). Lover had filled his goblet of heart with love..tears of joy began to role down his face and his head tilted towards baba ji's feet. Eyes of mind became Ganga-Jamuna and he washed baba ji's feet with tears. It was like his own heart cleaned up.. his forehead got blessed with baba ji's feet touch. The way of love began to rise in his heart and his tongue un-intentionally moved in meditation. Glands of knowledge opened up. Heart began to feel coolness of love. Light flashed up. Six close cycles(chakars) turned up. Petals blossomed up. Unstruck melodies became aloud. All hair turned into tongues and every single hair changed into divine word. He began to realise all around. Baba Aya Singh Ji merged jawala singh ji into sargun-nirgun. There was flood of light all around. Having done this miracle, Baba Ji again came into being and turned jawala singh to an saint. He lifted him from his feet, took him in embrace and asked, "Now tell me, do you know me or not? "Jawala Singh began to weep in low and said, "By your grace, I have come to know of my real self. I am thankful to you I have realised that I have been your servant since many births. You are my mentor(Murshid). Then Baba Jawala Singh became silent. Baba Aya Singh Ji thus turned sipahi into saint and blended him into his own being.

Grace of Give commandmends given by Baba Ji:

1. Remember God breath by breath

2. Never be egoist.

3. Keep company of those detached from the world.

4. Do not Beg.

5. Be aloof.


Sant jawala Singh Ji listened to the commandments and dutyfully observed all throughout life

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