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Everything is Maya !!!!!!!!!


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Man Jetaie Jag Jeet ||

Ultimately, main goal of human being is to win the "chanchal mind" by meeting with the super-cosmic energy that we all are seperated because of maya ...maya is everything that takes us away from god and when one realize that then the main goal becomes much higher than these relationships and everything is pushed away in secondary including family, married life, job, house, kid, freinds and mergin with god becomes primary.

Also just because if everything is pushed away in secondary doesn't mean you don't love fellow human being..love have to be there..its a must .. "If you can't see god in all, you can't see god at all".

But this love in this stage will be rehat(free) from attachment. Attachment(Moh) is not Love. Unconditional love is much higher than this... Love between married couples are very rare to find...its that love that connect two souls together in one body but attachment connects only two bodies together not "Soul/Atma"...

example- Married couples are driving on highway, suddenly they get into major accident. Wife survives with no injuries however her husband hurt his leg and memory loss..therfore phsyically disabled.

If his wife accepts him as still her partner for rest of her life then its "unconditional love"

If she doesn't then thats attachment towards chamra(body) not soul.

Who are we kidding? we are all effected by attachment not "un-conditional love"...we are all dancing like robot toys..western soceity says sit down..we sit down... western soceity says sit up ..we sit up...we are all slaves to them instead.

We must strive for rise above from all this...otherwise who know's who's time is up?? Person remembers death often live peacefully not in fear of death but in love towards Super Cosmic energy because God has given you this chance(human life) but not for long though..death can come any time in any form so one thinks spent as much time possible remembering him. in the eyes of death there is no young, there is no old...so when its hit the fan then its too late to do meditation so its better to remember your death.

Once Guru Nanak Dev Nirankar asked Bhai Mardana and Bhai Bhala Ji, How much trust you have in life??. Bhai Bhala said, pata nahi gareeb nawaz kai kal dekhni hai kaie nahi(don't know if i get to see tom or not). Then Bhai Mardana replied, gareeb nawaz patta nahi kai sham(evening) dekhni kai nahi.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji smiled and said ehni jadda baurosa life chh (that much trust you guys have in life)...Bhai Mardana & Bhai Bala ji asked Guru Ji, how much trust you have gareeb Nawaz??? Guru Ji, sanuo ta eh patta nahi jo saa andar gayaie hai, oo bahar nikula gai vi (i don't even know that if the breath that i take in..don't even know that that breath will come out that much i trust this life).

So from that sakhi, Guru Ji show us that person who remembers death accomplished loads of things- sat, santokh, gyan, shanti.

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