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Why am i here???


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Alive but unborn, Upside down and in such a confined space.

He begged upon Vaheguruji to shower his supreme grace.

Dearest Creator! Please let me be free.

As in this lifetime, I promise to worship Thee.

His wish was granted and into this world he came.

But quickly became entangled in the materialistic game.

However, his soul was distressed so he pondered with pain.

From this human existence, What does one gain?

Then one day soon it became beautifully clear,

As Vaheguruji whispered…. “Why I am here!â€

From that day on all troubles would cease,

As he handled life’s setbacks with such ease.

He uttered Vaheguru, Vaheguru, Vaheguru all day long

And became deeply humbled by his Lord’s sweet song!


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