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Raag Kirtan Album collection now available for download


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Here is some mind blowing raag kirtan for the sangat...!!!!

File size about 397 mb divided into 4 files. Due to the bandwidh restrictions we will have this collection available only one week per month. I ll keep this thread updated on "when i m disabling the download and when i m enabling back on" every month...

So we request after downloading these files, please share them with your freinds via msn, hub etc.

Its zipped file..you have to unzip the file once its downloaded..you can do that by installing winzip program on www.winzip.com.

Here are the links..right click on the link and save target as-

>>> http://www.khalis.net/SikhAwareness/Audio/...n%20set%201.zip <<<

>>> http://www.khalis.net/SikhAwareness/Audio/...n%20set%202.zip <<<

>>> http://www.khalis.net/SikhAwareness/Audio/...lection%203.zip <<<

>>> http://www.khalis.net/SikhAwareness/Audio/...lection%204.zip <<<

Enjoy ! :LOL::LOL::D

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lol, no nihal kaur, what happened is whilst neo singh was recording the files he was also browing the net (or by the sounds probably DC++), and cos he was getting pinging alerts whilst using his pc, these were also getting recorded with the kirtan

sorry my bad explanation

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leh yaar, it took me 3 hrs to encode them in mp3 the whole collection... i think i know not all files are kharab..so guys, please tell me which files are kharab .. i ll do them....

thanks akaalsharan...

and iron bangleeeeeeeee... ehmiiiiii bas stop making me confuse :LOL:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Guess what guys?? I encoded more kirtan here...aie aie :) ... some are by bhai baljit singh namdhari and some are by other namdhari hazoori raagi kirtanis:

Enjoy !

Right click on these links and save target as in your desired folder.

This is must listen>>>

http://www.khalis.net/SikhAwareness/Audio/...st%20listen.mp3 <<<

>>>> http://www.khalis.net/SikhAwareness/Audio/...0gun%20gayo.mp3 <<<

<<< http://www.khalis.net/SikhAwareness/Audio/...et%20Baanee.mp3 <<<<

<<< http://www.khalis.net/SikhAwareness/Audio/...ntal%20raag.mp3 <<<<

<<< http://www.khalis.net/SikhAwareness/Audio/...ad%20kirtan.mp3 <<<<

<<< http://www.khalis.net/SikhAwareness/Audio/Tape%20set%205.zip <<<<

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yo neo the Bairaag wala Kirtan by Baba Baljit Singh is skippin, did listen to it after you copied it....its skippin like crazy, all you get is the first 10-15 seconds.

It's working now..checking it out..just replaced the right file for it..same link as above to download... :)

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