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Truly Shocking


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Got this from sikhpal.com

ok i dont know if this is a joke or not..but seems legit...i dont know if this is really true its messed up man...KALJOG TO THE MAX...im shocked...i dont think this should be aloowed ...what do u guys think?


and waht about the complications to the kid..what if something happens/should we risk it?is it worth it..i dont know i think its messed up man.im disgusted...

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iono Neo. ur really havin a blonde day today aren't you?

how can i say this in the most un-graphic/pornographic way?....

men don't have the same organs that women do that allow for a fetus to develop in them.

yes, artificial hormones and organs have been used to rectify some genetic disorders. but these artificial hormones and organs are very primitive compared to how a real human body works. there are so many hormones and systems in play for a pregnancy to be successful, this kind of thing isn't going to be possible for a very long time. in fact, it may never happen because artificial things can't really replace the real thing.

secondly, if this was real, it should've been all over the news and in all the scientific journals that deal with human medicine. but it wasnt, because it's not real science or scientific research.

so yeah... tha's very funny. but it's not real. :LOL:

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