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Five Simple Spiritual Tips for Bringing Peace and Serenity

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1. Take a breath, take a break.

Learn to regularly relax and release accumulated stress and tension.

Breathe, smile and relax; have an instant, American mini-meditation, a

moment of mindfulness, here and there throughout the day.

2. Declutter your desk, environment and schedule.

Consider your workplace a sacred space. Place something beautiful,

sacred, or heart-opening in immediate sight.

3. Practice visualizing/imagining your colleagues enveloped in light,

as children of God, your brothers and sisters -- for they are.

Try to see things through their eyes when you disagree; place yourself in

their shoes.

4. Say only what you mean, and mean what you say.

Cultivate right speech at work.

Seekers of truth need to tell the truth and be truth-full.

5. Breathe three times, smile and relax before picking up the phone or

answering the door.

Breathe, and say to yourself something like: "Breathing in, I calm my mind. Breathing out, relaxing and smiling."

Remember that regardless of your title or rank, your are always the

chief executive officer of your inner life, and that the hours we spend at

work can be part of our spiritual growth through practicing Right

Livelihood/Wise Vocation -- making a life, not just a living.

The purpose of life is to grow yourself, experience meaningful connection

through all contacts and relationships, and expand your heart and mind

through developing wisdom and compassion, not just expanding your profits.

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