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Serve the divine super cosmic power(SGGS)

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Sikhism does not promote exclusivity. Moreover in Sikhism it is the Divine Grace that decides the issue of salvation. Human effort is not the deciding factor.

This would also mean that per Sikh ideology even an atheist can get salvation. I once had a discussion with someone on the question of atheist. Since it is relevant to the present discussion i am posting it below.

Finally, the Guru says "whichever door of salvation":

Save this burning world through

Thy Grace, O Lord!

Lift us to whichever door of salvation

Thou decidest. [p.853]

What we may need to discuss is the role and significance of Khalsa. In my opinion, Khalsa is to serve the Divine and not to seek personal salvation. If it were like that then there would be no difference between Khalsa and the yogis, swamis, sadhus, etc who are more concerened with their own salvation.

Preet Mohan Singh Ahluwalia


Let us not detest atheists. If they don't believe in god then so be it. Sikhs believe in a Creator and believe this creation to have emanated from the Creator. The creation is from the Creator but the creation put together does not make the Creator. My Lord is the only One. He is the only One, (understand) brother, He is the only One." [p. 350].

"Naam sustains all regions and universes, all thought, knowledge and consciousness, all skies and stars, all forces and substances, all continents and spheres. Naam emancipates those who accept it in their heart. He, on whom is His Grace, is yoked to Naam, and he reaches the highest state of development." [p. 284]

What is Naam?

Naam is the Dynamic Immanence of God or the Reality sustaining and working the manifest world of force and form.

What is Naam Simran?

Naam-Simran is the ceaseless rememberance of God, through words and actions, in an effort to transform man into a better being. It is this continuous rememberance that is the root of all ethical and social actions. When a man's heart is God-oriented, it spontaneously inclines him to SERVE mankind selflessly. This devotion leads man to the realization of a Benevolent and Loving Creator and rids him of all the vices. Remember the miri-piri concept and how Sikhism lays emphasis on our worldly life.

Truth is high, higher still is truthful living (SGGS: p.684)

People meditate and do paath to cleanse their souls and reaffirm their commitment to living a godly life. This is the only reason for doing paath. What is required is to FEEL Sikhi and let it be an indistinguishable part of you so that you can live a life of a Sikh WITHOUT being conscious that you're doing so. In other words, it should come NATURAL.

Let me tell you a story I read in the Readers Digest many years ago. It is some sort of a Chinese tale.

A young boy goes to a Master who is an expert on Jade (green stone). The Master tells him that he can make the boy an expert in 14 days. From the first day onward from morning to nightfall he makes the boy sit on the floor and hold a jade ornament/vase (something). After 13 days have passed the boy is very agitated. Here he had been promised that in 14 days he would become an expert and 13 days have already passed. He decides to confront the master on the fourteenth day. Like always at day break he visits the Master who asks him to sit down as usual. He then hands the boy a Jade ornament. The boy throws it away and exclaims, "This is not Jade." The moral of the story is that now the boy can FEEL it. It has become a part of his senses.

This is what Naam Simran is supposed to accomplish.

Atheists call themselves humanists. What is humanism? It is the doctrine centred on human interests or values. So is the Guru Granth Sahib. If you ask me every humanist will get attracted to Guru Granth Sahib. It speaks of equality -- human & gender -- it speaks of freedom and it speaks of justice. It is all about creating God's Kingdom on Earth.

Here I'm using the word God. I think we can use it as long as we know how Sikhism defines it. Ignorance is not bliss. Tell people how Sikh doctrine defines concepts different from others.

Below i'm posting some quotes. If you meet an atheist pass it on to him/her. They may tell you things like -- why should I bow to SGGS. No problem there. Ask them to read the Guru Granth Sahib and after they have done so, ask them to give you a REASON why they SHOULD NOT bow to it.

I don't think any intelligent man with the power to reason and understand will refuse to bow.



The City Joyful is the name of that city -

Suffering and sorrow abide not there.

Neither is there worry of paying taxes, nor does

any hold property;

Neither fear of punishment for error nor of decline.

This fine place of habitation have I found:

Brother! there weal perpetual reigns.

Eternally fixed in the kingship therein:

No second or third are there; all are alike.

Ever fully populated, famous is that city.

Those abiding therein are prosperous, opulent.

There people disport themselves as they please -

All are inmates of that mansion; none bars any.

Saith Ravi Das, the cobbler, freed from all bonds;

Whoever of that city is citizen, is our friend. (SGGS: p.345)***

How can You be angry with Your own children?

O Lord!

For, as You belong to them they belong to You.(Rag Siri MI p.25)


This foolish egoist remains a stranger to himself. Only when he deems himself to be the lowest of all, he sees God in all hearts.(SGGS p.235)


O God, I seek Thy protection; dispel lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride."(SGGS p. 269)


"he who destroys evil becomes a perfect man."(SGGS p.404) "Our deeds alone bear witness unto our life."(SGGS p.1383) "God pervades the heart and one gives up evil and ego."


"According to their deeds, some are near and some far from God."(SGGS p.8) "Man is blessed with the light of reason and discrimination."(SGGS p.913)


"With God only the deeds one does in this world count."(SGGS p.1383) "through virtue is one enlightened."(SGGS p.931)

In good company we become true and develop love for Naam." "In good company one becomes good."(SGGS p.700, 586,414) "God sends saints to reveal God's nearness to man."(SGGS p.929)


"By use of discrimination or intellect one serves God. By discrimination one is honored. By intellect and study one understands things. It is the sense of discrimination that makes one charitable. This is the right way, rest is all wrong."(SGGS p.1245) "Man is blessed with the light of reason and discrimination."(SGGS p.913)


"Control cravings and the light of wisdom will dawn; then fashion this wisdom into deeds."(SGGS p.878) "Continue to work with your limbs and at the same time remain attuned to God."(SGGS p.1376)


What power has caste?

It is righteousness that is tested.

Whosoever tastes poison will die,

no matter what his caste is."(Rag Majh MI p.142)

"we are God's own people - neither high nor low, nor in between."(SGGS p.504)

"the pride of caste and the glory of status are futile;

For each of us are under the care of one and the same God."(Rag Siri MI p.83)


from the woman is our birth, in the woman's womb are we shaped;

To the woman we are engaged, to the woman we are wedded;

The woman is our friend and from woman is the family;

Through the woman are the bonds of the world;

Why call woman evil who gives birth to the leaders of the World?

From the woman is the woman, without woman there is none. (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 473]


"One mutters God's name, but does evil daily, in this way the heart is not purified."(SGGS p.732)

Divorced from good deeds

neither will find

a place in God's Court.(Bhai Gurdas, varan, stanza 33)


"The anvil of intellect and apparatus of wise learning are parts of the holy mint."(Japuji staznza 38)


"If one lives with honor lost, unworthy is all what he eats."((SGGS p.142)


"Continue to work with your limbs and at the same time remain attuned to God."(SGGS p.1376)


"Not to frighten anyone, not to be afraid."(SGGS p.1427)

"Utter not words that hurt, the True Lord resides in all beings."(SGGS. 129)


The Ideal Man In Sikh Thought

Rare are such men in this world, whom after testing,

God has gathered upto His treasury.

They have rid themselves of the bonds of caste and color

and given up greed and 'mine-ness';

Imbued with the Name, they have become sacred places,

full of purity, having put an end to the dirt and misery

of egoism;

Nanak, washes the feet of such God-oriented saints in

whose hearts is enshrined the True One. (Prabhati Asht, 8.7)

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