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Human Identity.


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What is the Human Identity.

What is it to be Feminine or even Masculine?

A Muslim friend said that Abraham grow his beard in sign of this Masculinity. And then he asked me, "do women have to grow all there hairs too?" I said yes. But then he started saying, "OOo I dont support the idea of that but i respect the mans need to be Masculine"

I dont hate my friend, but i started asking questions to myself.

Is the idea of being Masculine full of uncut hair?

Or even clean-cut male is an idea of being Masculine?

And the idea of Feminine is to be clean from hair?

Do we just cut hairs to please the opposite sex?

Or is it hard for us to accept the idea of being hairy?

Then I went further. Women wanna be slim, the idea of men thinking of a Big Muscular women scares man away.

If a guy is skinny he is as weak as a skinny girl. If a Girl is Big and Muscular as the a guy of the same Build, there ganna be as strong as each other?

Are we just expecting a sex to look a curtain way?

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